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Animal Ghosts

True experiences of ghosts of pets and other animals


Can animals be ghosts in the same way that people are? The answer is yes, as you'll see in these stories.

Amazing Cat Returns

This cat owner believes that even after death her beloved cat still does things for her.

Amazing Cat Returns - 2

This is a story about one amazing cat, who continues to be amazing even after he's passed on.

An Animal Ghost?

On a fishing trip, several people feel the presence of a phantom animal touching them.

Animal Spirits

Aside from other paranormal activity, Stuart feels phantom animals pawing him at night.

Appearing Cat

There's a cat running around, but it's not hers -- and maybe not alive.

Back from the Beyond

Tracy sees evidence that her beloved Sheltie, Mitzi, is still hanging around.

Bailey Returns

The ghost of a beautiful 4-year-old tan, gentle, loving Persain cat.

Biscuit, the Ghost Cat

Cat does not appear in photos.

Black Ghost Cat

After a home renovation, a shadow-like cat appears.
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