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Hooded Beings


Hooded Foreboding and Death

Meg sees two caped shadow figures at least 10 feet in height standing and moving menacingly just beyond a gate.

Hooded Hatchet Man

Debbie woke up one night to a hooded figure standing beside her bed.

Hooded Men

A little girl sees little hooded men go through the wall, but she cannot see their faces.

Hooded Robe of Death

"My eyes noticed a sort of faint glowing outline of a tall figure of a man dressed in a hooded robe of Death. I couldn't see its face but a pair of fiery red eyes were staring at me intently...."

Hooded Something

An elementary school girl sees a strange being in a hooded overcoat.

Huge Hooded Figure

While driving in North Carolina, Nat sees a hooded figure hovering right next to her car.

Little Hooded Entity

When ten years old, Connie saw an unusual hooded being that was about two feet tall.

Laughing Hooded Being

One of these dark figures pointed at Xavier as he drove down the road.

Lurking Hooded Being

Jasmine's sister's house in Redmond, Washington has a dark hooded figure that walks in and around it.

Man in the Cloak

When looking in a mirrow, this writer saw a tall, pale figure in cloak and hood before it disappeared.
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