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Phantom Phone Calls


The Old Telephone

A dead uncle's unplugged telephone rings.

Phantom Call in Iraq

A soldier hears strange talk on the phone... only to learn that it wasn't plugged in.

Phantom Phone Call from Mom

A peculiar phone call might have been a message that Elmo's mother was in danger.

Phone Call from a Dry Future?

Two college graduates find a strange capsule, then receive even stranger phone calls.

Phone Call from a Ghost

A dead woman calls to say that she won't be in touch anymore.

Phone Call from Beyond

A woman receives a phone message from her dead father.

Phone Call from Grandpa

Jaye receives a call from grandpa.

The Phone Call Goodbye

Caza receives a phone call from her Nony on a plastic toy telephone.

Toy Phone Call

A five year old calls grandma on a toy telephone.
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