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Another Creepy Creature



The story titled Creepy Creatures near Hell in this May's issue took me back many years ago when I was about 10 years old in the late 1950s and attending a boarding school in Zimbabwe, Africa.

From time to time, students were given gardening chores between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. This meant we had to walk less than a quarter of a mile away on a dirt road through the African bush to the school's orchard/vegetable garden and assist the paid workers.

One afternoon, on our way back to the girls' hostel after our chores, three of us girls veered off the dirt road and ended up climbing a middle-sized tree in the bush. I hadn't climbed as high as the other two girls and was looking in an easterly direction when I spotted a very skinny, lanky, very pale-skinned, naked-looking creature with long, skinny, rubbery arms and legs, with a disproportionately large bald head walking upright and very slowly in a southerly direction approximately 15 to 20 metres away in the bush.

This being was looking at us and I alerted the other girls who saw it as well. It then darted behind a Marula tree, which had a broad trunk. We all stared at the tree waiting for it to show itself -- and it did! We saw its head peeping at us from behind the tree trunk.

At this point we decided to vacate the tree and run back to the school grounds, as we were very frightened. I remember stumbling over a little termite mound, falling down and bruising my knee as a result. I've spoken about it from time to time later in life and was very surprised to read about a similar experience which took place in USA recently.

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