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The Creature By the Shed



We have lived in a haunted house for over 25 years. Maybe living with ghost for that long opens parts of your mind to experiences that would normally be closed off. Just a thought.

My husband and I were coming home late from dinner and drinks at some friend's home. We were in the country outside of Union, Missouri. On the south side of Union there was an antique bridge that was scary to cross because it was so narrow and had a sharp turn at one end. After the bridge, the road went through a huge field that at the time was under cultivation.

Well, I had to go potty in the worse way because of all the beer I drank. My husband said, "Let me get to that old shed [which was right by the road in the middle of the field] and you can squat down by that shed."

So he stopped the car right in the road because it was late and so very dark. I got out and started to walk toward the shed, which is only a couple of feet off the road. Suddenly, I saw something and it didn't register what I was seeing.

It took me a couple of seconds to realize what it was. It was two eyes. Two big really, red glowing eyes. They were looking right at me. I turned to see my husband looking over his shoulder at it, too.

It's kinda funny now, but neither one of us said a word. I turned and jumped back in the car and we took off. Later, my husband asked me what kind of animal I thought it was. I'm an old country girl and I've never seen eye shine like that before. Those eyes were big, high, and so very red.

The bridge has since been replaced with a new one, but the old shed is still there. Believe it or not, I still speed up when I go by it bcause I'm still creeped out by it all these years later.

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