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Weird Creature in the Garbage Can



I live in Sacramento, California. I moved into a home in 1987 with my three children and husband, a block away from St. Mary's cemetery. My husband and I went on a weekened getaway, and I asked my younger sister to babysit.

When we returned, things were so different in the house, it's hard to look back, although this experience has mad me so much more stronger mentally. We started noticing shadows on the walls. A ghost ran down the hallway and through my widescreen TV, but when it hit the TV, the tv popped off.

All of us were having nightmares that somehow coinsided with what was going on at the moment to many little weird things going on at once. It was making us nervous.

One day I was on the phone with my sister. I was in my backyard smoking a cigerette when I heard a loud humming-buzzing noise. I tried to follow the sound. I walked up to a plastic, light-blue garbage can with a lid on top. I slowly opened the lid and there was a pitch-black -- I mean, so black it shined -- ten-foot centipede without legs, just in one lump, intertwined on the top of the garbage, but moving.

I don't know if it was one or many together, but they were rubbing up against each other. It was making that humming-buzzing noise. I was horrified! I ran to the garage, found a car interior glue spray, lifted the lid, and sprayed it with the whole can. It slowly stopped moving.

I shut the lid and went inside to call my sister to inform her of what just happened. After five minutes, I hung up to go check on the creature. When I lifted the lid, there was the glue in the shape of the creature, but the creature itself had disappeared.

About a week later, my husband and I were asleep. Out of nowhere, I went to his ear and said, "It's here."

"What's here?" he asked. I just remember begging him to hold me because I was scared like never before. All of a sudden, there was a loud growl. Something flew from the wall near the ceiling and slammed on a table I had next to my bed. For some reason, I started yelling for all my past relatives to please help me, from my dad to my aunts and my grandma. Then I started praying the Apostles Creed, the Our Father, followed by Hail Mary in that exact order. By the third set, whatever it was left.

After that, the house was brighter, happier... just good.

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