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Followed by the Banshee



I have thought a lot about some events that led up to my mother's death at the end of August of 2012. I was not present for what she experienced, but she did tell me about it. Then I had my own experience the night she passed. I have a lot of questions about these occurrences, I would really appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this.

In the beginning of July, my mother was sitting on her porch with her dogs. While sitting there, she heard what she described as three shrieks. The first time she heard it, she thought it was an animal, so she got up and looked around to see if something needed her help. She found nothing and sat back down.

After a few minutes, she heard the shriek again, and she said that it sounded like it was coming from directly behind her. She jumped up again and noticed this time that her dogs were not reacting to the sound. These are dogs that bark if someone knocks on the neighbor's door and they were not hearing whatever it was my mother heard.

Again she sat down, and within minutes she heard the shriek again. This time she decided to call it a day, picked up her stuff, and went inside. She said this left her with an uneasy feeling, that it almost felt like an omen.

A few days later, her cats got very ill and almost died. She thought that this might be why she heard the sounds. Less than a week after her cats got sick, though, my mom was hospitalized for sepsis. We believe that she had been sick for awhile, but did not let on about it. She passed away a month later.

Now, the night she passed I could not sleep. Around 3 a.m. I went outside to be alone. I sat there for awhile, crying, and talking to my mom, when I heard what sounded like a moan/sob coming from directly behind me. I got up and went in the house pretty frightened. I know I was alone and I don't think it was my mother; I don't believe her presence would have frightened me.

Someone suggested that it could have been a banshee. I have looked up stories about banshees and my family is Irish, but our names are not on the lists of families the banshee is said to follow.

I am so confused as to what this could have been. Was it a hallucination from my mother's illness? But then, what did I hear that night? Or could it have been a banshee? Are they even real? I would really appreciate any thoughts or insights on this.

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