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History, facts and encounters with the shapeshifting creatures that have been called werewolves.

The Werewolf of Bedburg
The true story of a monster that terrorized a German village for years with unspeakably cruel crimes and murders.

On the Trail of the Werewolf
We are all familiar with the legends and folklore of the werewolf from fiction books and horror films. But is there any truth to the curse of the werewolf?

Tracking the Werewolf
An interview with Dr. Bob Curran on the history, meaning, allure and reality of this shapeshifter, the werewolf.

What do you think of werewolf sightings?
Readers are asked what they think of werewolf sightings.

The Bray Road Beast
Although it seems impossible that a mythical creature like a werewolf could stalk Wisconsin, numerous encounters in the late 1980s and early 1990s leaves us pondering this idea.

The Delphos Wolf Girl
In July 1974, a wild 12-year-old girl was seen running through a wooded district in Kansas. She didn't speak, but only growled, and was seen eating out of cat and dog dishes.

Werewolf Origins
Lycanthropy occurs internationally and always follows the same course. Such a phenomenon is classified as paranormal and therefore many explanations have been proposed.

Where Have All The Werewolves Gone?
From the late 19th century on, anomal­ous primates like the Yeti, Sasquatch and Bigfoot nudged aside the wolfmen of old and stepped forward to occupy the niche of this fearsome man-like monster. What accounts for this curious transformation?

Backroad Encounter with a Psychic Metal Werewolf
Backroad Encounter with a Psychic Metal Werewolf - August 2010

Navajo School Ghosts and Skinwalkers
Your True Stories of Navajo School Ghosts and Skinwalkers - January 2011

Pack of Werewolves
Your True Tales of Pack of Werewolves

Snarling Werewolf
Your True Tales of Snarling Werewolf

Spring Lake Werewolves
Your True Tales of Spring Lake Werewolves

Werewolf in Serbia
Your True Tales of Werewolf in Serbia

Werewolf on the Shortcut
Werewolf on the Shortcut - November 2010

Werewolf Sighting
Werewolf Sighting - Your True Tales - March 2009

Werewolves Love Salmon
Werewolves Love Salmon - October 2010

Werewolves of Niles, Ohio
Your True Tales of Werewolves of Niles, Ohio

Utah Highway Creature
Your True Tales of Utah Highway Creature - April 2011

The Wolf Creature
The Wolf Creature - Your True Tales - October 2011

Demon Wolf
Demon Wolf - Your True Tales - June 2012

Baby-Stealing Werewolf
Baby-Stealing Werewolf - Your True Tales - September 2012

North Carolina Werewolf
North Carolina Werewolf - Your True Tales - December 2012

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