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Werewolves of Niles, Ohio



These two stories take place in the late 1980s in Niles, Ohio. The experiences did not happen to me but to my uncle and his best friend in those days. They both had very similar encounters with a werewolf type being. I know the stories are true because my uncle has told them to me many times and there have never been any inconsistencies. Also, my uncle has never been one to make up stories.

My uncle told me that he and his friend (a different person than his friend in the next story) were in a field near his house playing. They were both about 12 years old. In this field, there is a fairly thin line of trees just before you get to the railroad tracks. My uncle said it was dark out and he kicked a stump that was in the field. He got his foot caught in it as it caved in a bit from his kick. He said that as soon as he pulled his foot out, a strong breeze blew past instantly; he and his friend heard the sound of trampling of twigs and leaves coming from the trees.

When they looked over to the trees, a figure that seemed to have the same outline as a werewolf standing on two feet was running down the hill of trees towards them. They took off running to my uncle's house. He said that he couldn't see any features--just the outline of the creature because of the darkness.

This next story is the one that happened to my uncle's best friend. It occurred in the same town, a few years after my uncle had his encounter. My uncle's friend was in the woods on the opposite side of town walking around looking for something to do. He looked down through the thick trees and saw some dark figure slowly moving to one tree and hiding behind it, peeking out to look at him, then moving to another tree and doing the same thing.

When it seemed to notice that my uncle's friend was aware of its presence, it began to run toward him. My uncle's friend ran home and told my uncle the story the next day at school.

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