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North Carolina Werewolf



When I was a little boy of about 10 or 11, a group of my friends and I had a "secret" hideout. Our hideout was an old tree house back in the woods, so we boys had a little walk, but we had walked it a thousand times, so it didn't seem that far.

We all got there and were doing what ten-year-old North Carolina country boys do, and one of my friends said, "Y'all see that?? We all looked up.

What we saw was some wolf/human looking thing. The "thing" stood like a man, but had fur and a long tail like a wolf or dog. It was back behind a tree. It would sway to the left and go be hind the tree then sway to the right and then go back behind the same tree. It did this for a while. Then it would vanish and appear at another tree and do the same thing over and over.

About the time we boys were about to make a break for my house (because it was the nearest), the "thing" appeared at the bottom of the tree we were in. It stood there for a few seconds... and then it was gone. Those few seconds felt like a lifetime.

After that we never saw the "thing" again, and we never told other friends or family. But I think it has come back because the other day my dogs were going crazy, so I walked outside to see who or what was there (I live in the country), and I believe I saw it on the tree line of my property doing the weird swaying thing like before.

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