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Possessed: My Grandmother, the Witch


A grandmother's bizarre turn to the occult leads to paranormal activity and a terrifying discovery

Do you believe in witchcraft and the power of the occult? The author of this story, who wishes to keep her identity anonymous, certainly does. N.L. had a close relationship with her grandparents until her grandfather died and her grandmother changed drastically. It was as if something took over her personality. Perhaps the dark secret they were to discover hidden in this house was the cause. This is N.L.'s story....

I THINK SOMETHING EVIL is happening. As I would like to remain anonymous, I will only say that what I am about to tell you is taking place in a small, not-very-well-known town in Southwestern Pennsylvania.


When I was 14 years old, my grandfather died from cancer in one of the living rooms of my grandparents' house. For several years after that, we would smell the strong aroma of roses and baby lotion. You see, I would often rub his feet with baby lotion when he was dying. And it wasn't just my imagination. Other people, including my grandmother's new boyfriend, who had no idea of the story or that someone even died in that room, smelled these scents as well.

This was paranormal in my mind, but also very welcome; I felt nothing negative about it. There were even instances when the doorbell would randomly ring when we spoke about my grandfather, and no one was at the door. Keep in mind the yard is fenced in with a 6-foot-high wrought iron black fence, so a game of "ding dong ditch" by neighborhood kids was not the case. My grandfather's spirit was the case, I was sure.


Over the past two years, however, things have gone wrong. My grandmother has had a drastic personality change. She used to be a kind person who tended to be fairly positive, and now she hates the world, never smiles, swears like a sailor (she never used to), is cruel to most people, and detests the mention of my grandfather's name.

The reason for me writing this now is because two weeks ago, we got into a heated fight where she bashed my grandfather's name and declared that she was happy he died. Needless to say, I moved out of the house (as I was living with her) and back with my parents. I already feel a veil of hostility removed from my life.

But this story is about what led up to that fight two weeks ago that has me scared and filled with anxiety.


My grandmother started buying items of witchcraft and meditation. I always thought of meditation as something positive, but I am starting to wonder how far she took it. I know from my mother that my grandmother dabbled in witchcraft in her younger years, and terrible things happened. But that's another story. This is now, and she was buying Tarot cards, pentagrams, Wiccan books and spell books, candles, some sort of mortar and pestle, voodoo dolls, crystals, and everything you would see at some creepy witchcraft store in a dark alley.

She also bought weird clothes, like cloaks and gothic dresses. The whole thing struck me as weird, although she laughed about it and said it was all in good fun, just for amusement.

One night between 10 and 11 p.m., I was in a really gloomy mood from things that were going on in my life, so I sat at the table with her to talk about it. She was supportive and asked if I wanted to feel better and make the problems go away. "Umm... okay?" was my reaction as I watched her light a number of small candles in a zigzagging row and put on a meditational CD.

The music sounded very peaceful, and I went along with her technique because I wasn't quite sure what it was. She turned off all of the other lights except for the lit candles... and the room was quite dark. She told me to focus on one flame - and just that flame - and to will someone's spirit to control its energy. I picked out one flame in particular that drew me to it and I stared at it. It was all I could concentrate on. In fact, I starting spacing out and I believe was becoming hypnotized by the flame. The rest of the universe disappeared for me and my entire being felt paralyzed.

There was no sense of time, place or anything other than the intensity of that flame. It flickered horizontally, picking up energy and flickering quicker back and forth. The flame seemed to be out of control; it was growing taller and jerking in several directions. My heart started beating faster. I could not remove my gaze from the flame. The only thing I was noticing besides this flame was that the other flames around it out of my peripheral vision were small and calm. But the flame I was staring at so intently was spiraling out of control now and towering above the others. I sensed fear in myself, yet could not look away. I knew something wasn't right in my mind, so I got the will and abruptly turned my head sharply to my right shoulder. At that moment, the flame flared up into a flash of fire that warmed the side of face and lit the room brightly.

My grandmother jumped back from her meditation in startled surprise. Then it was gone. The flame was back to normal, the same size and the same calmness as the others. "What was that?" I remember asking. She did not answer me. She turned the ceiling light on and turned off the CD. She blew out the candles and that was the last thing that was said about that. I could tell she was frazzled and she changed the subject to some issue with the pool filter, so I let it go.

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