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Reader Reviews : Review Paranormal Apps for iPhone or Android

User Rating 4 Star Rating (5 Reviews)


More and more apps for ghost hunting and paranormal information are being created for the iPhone and Android devices. Tell us your experiences with these apps and how you use them.

PARA GHOST BOX Communicator V1

I'm working mostly with EVP (Electronic Voice phenomenon) and played around with several Android apps for "Ghost hunting" and "spirit voices" and cameacross to this new app. It offers english and ger…More

None of these work

None of these work, AT ALL. Your phone has NO sensors that the original equipment has to detect ANYTHING. FLiR is coming out with an attachment for smartphones so they can be used to see hot/cold. Ho…More

Ouija table

is an app for ghost hunting team, same to ghost radar but use a ouija board and give after scanning 3 words. In this month developer making androind version and i see a video on you tube: http://www.…More

Spirit Hunter

This app seems to be the best overall combination of real ghost hunting tools you can get in a phone, and it seems like it's serious and not just a toy. It comes with real-time EVP analysis, a kinda …More

Ghost Radar

I originally downloaded the free version of Ghost Radar, and I found it intriguing enough to buy the full version. I find Ghost Radar to be a fun and interesting application, that is not too much of …More

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