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Spirit box app

Reader Reviews: Review Paranormal Apps for iPhone or Android

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By williegene1

iPhone or Android paranormal app

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spirit box app



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I purchased this app for my iphone 5 and needless to say I was skepitical. I was surprised to see words appear and a little apprehensive that energies were around me. I do believe there are such things as ghost I just didn't think they would be around me. well words started to appear on the screen and I was still skeptical until I saw my name appear. That scared me so I know it's not a joke. Then I assumed that my phone has my name in it this had to be some kind of technical joke. Well my deceased aunt name also appeared and I am convinced this thing works. It has repeatedly referred to grandmother, mother, father and uncle all of which are deceased. ok now I am absolutely convinced that this thing is real. now I would not recommend it to anyone who is afraid of ghosts and I turn it off when I am at home alone

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