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Reader Reviews : Comment on this week's news stories

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Give us your take on any of the news items in this week's collection of paranormal news stories.

Ghost hunting is not history

This "article" isn't an article at all but a comment. It should be in the comment section of that forum. I appreciate the person's opinion, but then why not print every opinion of every person who's …More

Aliens don't want to eat us

I'm not going to add to the extensive speculation about alien intentions, but I do feel that No Matter What, contact (or OPEN contact if you believe it's already happening) would be a good thing in t…More

A form of jelly fish

The creature in the video looks like a form of jelly fish to me, although I am astounded to this day why anyone would call a newly found life form a "monster." It's not like it's jumping out from aro…More

Pub Ghost Photo

Was looking at the photo that was shown on the Pub Ghost photo, and to be honest all I see it two arms of two ladies intermingled...In fact I think its quite obvious... You can see where the lady at …More

Beeville Pub haunting

I thought this news article was a little rediculous. It is very obvious to me that the table fell over because all of the chairs were turned upside down and placed onto the table on one side. That wi…More

Bobbi Kristina

Ridiculous!! Feeling the presence of her mothers ghost...understandable. Lights turning on and off....probably related to her own drug use. Interesting how people will believe alleged paranormal acti…More

Expanding polymer beads

Those spheres look familiar to me. I believe they are expanding polymer beads designed to absorb water and then release it back to cut flowers or hydroponically grown plants. I have a jar full of the…More

Mystery Sounds explanation

Because of some information I've come across recently, I now believe it could be one of two things: I heard from a reliable source that the aliens, in cooperation with the government, is planning the…More

Water retention crystals

I can almost guarantee this gentleman had his lawn newly laid or garden beds done recently, these balls are water retention crystals...It doesn't exactly say he witnessed these falling from the sky, …More

Strange things on the Moon

The apparent shards on the exhibited photos of the lunar surface, have been shown to be steam venting into space. The first one I believe was displayed via the Lunar Orbiter program of years gone by.…More

Operation Moon: The unsolved enigma

I will go out on a limb here and predict that many viewers of this movie will believe it to be the true story.There are young adults I have spoken with who have no knowledge beyond current "pop cultu…More

Ken Chaplins Ogopogo: Twenty-two years later

I figured by now that with technology, someone would have proven this to be a hoax, or that he was mistaken. This originally aired on "Unsolved Mysteries". At the time VCRs were the norm. I had one w…More

BBC Haunted by Roy Castle

I assume you noticed that the BBC story was actually entirely fictitious and a joke about the move of the BBC from London to Manchester. Maybe it was just included to add some levity to the serious s…More

Crystal skull

As an Archaeology student I feel I have to mention that the dates for the crystal skull can't be an archaeological one as you cannot directly date lithics and in-organics, you can only get a date for…More

A Local Paranormal Blog

I greatly love your blog, and I love your dubunking on not jumping to the conclusion that everything is obviously real when sometimes it's not. The pictures you post all seem genuine unless stated ot…More

Are Cemeteries Haunted?

I did enjoy the article Are Cemeteries Haunted but was bothered by one sentence: "Unfortunately it's not the norm regarding cemeteries," bothered me quite a bit, as it intimates the writer wishes the…More

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