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Reader Reviews : Best and Worst Paranormal TV Shows

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There are a lot of paranormal-themed TV shows on right now. There are shows about ghosts and ghost hunting, monster hunting, vampires and werewolves, psychic activity and other paranormal strangeness.

Give us your opinion of the show you like or dislike the most. Tell us what's good or bad about it and why others should either watch it or avoid it.

What's good, what's bad?

Teen Wolf

Amazing. This show is everything that I look for in a paranormal tv show. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh…More

Long Island Medium

There are many mediums that have been on television. However, Teresa seems to be more accurate in my book. Moreover, I like they fact that she is letting people no, that even tho their loved ones hav…More

The Dead Files

I have watched "The Dead Files" quite a few times. Amy is the scariest thing about the show. Double chinned, stragly oily hair, and enough stupid facial expressionsto last a lifetime. To imagine...an…More

Dead Files

This show is well done but after seeing the format countless times the show has lost its appeal to me. They do nothing that I can see to attempt to debunk any of the activity the clients are experien…More

Makes me laugh more than scare me

Every show I've seen this season makes me laugh more than scare me. They all do their q&A with their magic tape recorder; ask questions like "If your here make yourself known. Make a noise"...wait,wa…More

Paranormal State

This show was good--up to a point. There is a show in one of the final seasons that just turned me off to the whole idea and made me question the show. There is a "demonic presence" in a house, and a…More

Ghost Hunters - new shows

Ghost Hunters used to be the best, but sadly, now they are the worst. I used to devote Wednesdays to Ghost Hunters Day, used to buy every season, but now I barely bother. Since Grant left, the show h…More

The Dead Files

I have watched almost every reality paranormal show out there and The Dead Files is by far the best. The basis of the show revolves around a psychic, named Amy, and her partner (who is a former NYPD)…More

Diehard fans

My wife and I are die hard fans of the paranormal shows. Our top picks are Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State and Paranormal Witness. You can't beat Ghost Adventures for fun, evidence, personalities,…More

I'll haunt you when I'm dead

This is a new show, just 1 episode into the series. I'm not positive how the show is, compared to all the other ones out there. It's more of a recollection of a story - but they have the witnesses, t…More

My Ghost Story

A pretty decent program about the paranormal although most are repeats. The only problem I have with the show is the extremely annoying music. It is played constantly throughout the program and is to…More

A Haunting

"A Haunting" can be seen on the channel Destination America. I just started watching this show about a week ago and it delves into some of the more darker hauntings that have happened to people aroun…More

Ghost Hunters

They do not scream, they are not loud mouths, they are honest! They do not make up fake information to look important, they find out and they tell it like it is! They are respectable to the spirits a…More

Paranormal Witness

I love Paranormal Witness it has got to be one of the best paranormal show out there. The people that had lived with the paranormal event seem sincere and honest with their stories. I can't think of …More

My Ghost Story

I do watch the show and enjoy the first hand accounts. The reason its my least favorite is because of the lack of knowledge when it comes to the evidence. I have been in charge of evidence review for…More

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