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Reader Reviews : Best and Worst Paranormal TV Shows

User Rating 3.5 Star Rating (27 Reviews)


There are a lot of paranormal-themed TV shows on right now. There are shows about ghosts and ghost hunting, monster hunting, vampires and werewolves, psychic activity and other paranormal strangeness.

Give us your opinion of the show you like or dislike the most. Tell us what's good or bad about it and why others should either watch it or avoid it.

Ghost Adventures

I believe a lot of what the gac team shows us and tells us are real true ghosts. My problem is 2 different things first of all on every episode they always gets tons kf "evidence" no one get that muc…More


Worst Tv show ever! Made for kids! Not adults. If your a teen or kid you might enjoy this show just not enough action or violence for me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…More

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

I watched a couple episodes late at night, hoping it would be a little scary or at least interesting. It was neither. There is no suspense whatsoever, and the "investigators" don't ever come to any c…More

Ghost Adventure

My problem with this show is they never change the script,regardless if their in another country or at a turn of the century site or one that happened within past 50yrs they use the same dialog,ask t…More

Paranormal Kids

I thought this show was honest and heartfelt and I can completely believe their story. It's not full of frightening, "fake", encounters and it's great to see these kids overcoming their fears. I can'…More

Ghost Adventurers

They are very scientific, but they are also able to go outside the box a little. They talk a lot about how their bodies are reacting to the energy around them and stuff also. "Ghost Hunters" sometime…More

Ghost Adventures

This by far is the best of all ghostly programs on the air! Would love to be there myself, especially for a juicy "hot spot". I like the fact that there are only three persons, as compared to a "scri…More

Destination Truth

Destination Truth, in my opinion, is one of the best paranormal and cryptozoological-themed shows on TV. Each episode teaches you a little about the culture of each exotic place they visit as they go…More

Ghost Adventures

Unlike other shows like Ghost Hunters on SyFy, The Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures is a far more entertaining watch. Zac, Nick, and Aaron have good chemistry and can be rather amusing in their "Loc…More

Ghost Hunters

Too much "freaky audio" added in; can't tell if there is really any EVPs because there so much of it. I realize they have to make it interesting to watch, but it's overdone, which has become aggravat…More

Paranormal State

I used to really like this show at first, but now it's too much drama, and then comes the letdown. There is never anything caught on video or audio that could be considered paranormal. The "director"…More

Ghost Adventures

I like this show. It gives you more information. I wish I could do what these guys do; they have the nerve to explore the unknown. My favorite is Aaron. I also like Nick. I think Zak is too controlli…More

Ghost Adventures

I have not been able to watch this show since the first season. The investigators on this show are very disrespectful to the spirits. I am not sure why people would think it is o.k. to speak to anyon…More

Ghost Hunters, T.A.P.S.

I love how the members look for natural causes for the phenomena they are investigating. A bit of skepticism is necessary to do a good investigation. Yet each member has had real paranormal encounter…More

Paranormal Kids

This show takes kids that have Paranormal abilities and show them how to control them, and that there isn't anything to fear from the other side. It also, gives them a support system by introducing t…More

Ghost Adventures

Although his methods are unorthodox and sometimes crude, Zak Bagans gets results. His use of "trigger objects" and new equipment designed for paranormal research and investigations show promise as we…More

Ghost Adventures

When I first started watching this show, I wasn't that enthusiastic about it. Now that it's been on for awhile it's become one of my favorites. The guys: Zak, Aaron and Nick are all so unpolished and…More

Ghost Adventures

Absolutely Ghost Adventures! I like that it is just the three of them with cameras. There's no chance for contamination from a cameraman. I love that they let you hear or see the evidence they've rec…More

The Haunted

I love this show... the show's theme about animals and the paranormal is something I truly believe. When my grandma was dying, she was in a hospice and myself and a few other relatives were standing …More

Ghost Adventures

They are loud, stupid, and just plain nerve-wracking! They catch more EVPs than most people do in a lifetime. They did an investigation of the first civilian killed in the Civil War, they came back w…More

Paranormal State

This has to be the worst show on TV these days as every other investigation seems to involve a demonic entity (what are the odds?). I find Chip Coffey more than a little annoying as he always seems t…More

Ghost Hunters

I have enjoyed Ghost Hunters from the beginning because they have made a real effort to be professional. The first season was a bit annoying because SyFy was big on playing up the reality show/person…More


Fringe is the best sci-fi show they have come out with in a long time. The characters are unique and believeable, the plot is well thought out and very suspenseful. It's kept me guessing throughout t…More

The Haunted

I have been watching The Haunted on Animal Planet and it shows some of the best evidence for paranormal activity. They have evps that you can actually hear and not just scratchy noises. It is a great…More

Paranormal Files/Animal X/The Monster Hunter

I'm watching these three shows at the moment and have to say that I thoroughly enjoy them. Quite a few times now they have shown footage that has given me the creeps and this is what keeps me interes…More

Destination Truth and Paranormal State

My opinion is in a different area than the poll requests, but I'm going to do it anyway. My son is typing this for me. I have lost most of my eyesight and while I listen and "watch" a lot of shows li…More

Ghost Adventures

These guys crack me up. I really don't believe that half the stuff on this show is real. If it was real I think the other paranormal shows would be as successful as this one, but they will never come…More

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