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Reader Reviews: Best and Worst Paranormal TV Shows

User Rating 2 Star Rating

By efdants

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My Review 

I´m from Brazil, and i´ve seen the show with a delay !

But I think the guys had a lot of gadgets, but not the quite expertise to use them,

They use a lot of time testing clear matters of hoaks. seen on first site !!! why that ? ex: on witch case... clear case of doll hanging... you can tell by the leg´s moviment ...

and the frost guy, many shows have prove it !!! And are aways asking: "What is the the goal for someone to do a hoax?" Really ?? many reasons !! money, tourism ( what leads to money), notoriety, community view, e so go on...

How could this show be better? 

Examine more, cause the viewere´s for the show are realy looking foward a real deal !

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