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Paranormal Witness

Reader Reviews: Best and Worst Paranormal TV Shows

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By mrsroy

Name of show: 

Paranormal Witness

My Review 

This show on SyFy re-creates paranormal experiences with actors and also with interviews with the "witness". It is a very interesting program, and most of the interviews with the contributors are extremely compelling. Almost all of the episodes of the second season have been chilling. Some of the topics/stories will be familiar to those who have a strong interest in paranormal topics (there were episodes on "A Haunting in Connecticut" as well as the alien abduction story of Travis Walton, including interviews with the real people involved) and maybe some that aren't as familiar to some. It is similar to "A Haunting". All in all, a great show about many different paranormal topics.

How could this show be better? 

Maybe cut out some of the more fanciful, obvious exaggerations that should make the program more interesting, but just make it look silly. Some of the scenes are hard to believe.

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