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Fight with the Devil

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By Fifi

Your True Tales for April 2011

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Fight with the Devil

My Review 

I am still waiting for Photon X to take me up on my offer to hear my true story of Fight with the Devil in person. I am 95 now, since September, and obviously won't be around forever. I would love the opportunity to sit down face to face and share my story with this skeptic. I am a no nonsense woman. I don't even have the imagination to make up a story like this, nor would I want to. The fear that I felt with this experience is unimaginable. Sometimes our fears prevent us from believing that which we know is true. Perhaps fear is the guiding force behind Photon X's dismissal of my true story as a piece of "internet drivel"? We shall see...... won't we? Now, I want to share something with you that I learned as a child: "Oh Lord, save us from the wickedness and snares of the devil. Cast into hell, Satan, and all of the other evil spirits, who even now are wandering the earth, seeking the ruin of souls".

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Don't dismiss happenings in your life, because they're hard to comprehend!

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