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I shot a ghost

Whoever wrote this story had to be minus a few bricks upstairs, "The Ghost" is dead, and this dude is shooting at a spirit,I mean when it says spirit or ghost that usually means it is already DEAD!! …More

Ghost Sounded the Bugle

Little Big Horn was a horrible loss for the US Army. The death toll that day was one of the worse, including some of the civil war battles. Those men must have known that they were out numbered and t…More

Natalie's Poltergeist

First of all, I am a believer (I have experienced too much not to be one). Secondly, I worry about the people saying this family needs an exorcism and needs to rebuke the spirit, and to stop psycholo…More

Modular home poltergeist

What I personally think is that you have a very active intelligent haunting. Maybe not so much as scary but very annoying. I would look into an evp recording to be sure and to have evidence of a haun…More

UFO over Tacoma

I saw something like this as well, during the summer of 2011, at Courtenay, BC Vancouver Island. I've seen a lot of strange things in the sky around here.I was sitting outside on my deck in the after…More

Ghost Followed Me

I'm sorry, but having a lampshade pop off and hearing a loud shaking sound isn't exactly what I'd call in influx of paranormal activity. This writer makes it sound as if things go haywire after they …More

Natalie's Poltergeist

This is a very good, scarry story! I like all the way Carl describes what each person in his family has experienced. It's been stated many times that people with mental illness are very sensative to …More

Modular Home Poltergeist

This is pretty much an average ghost story. I enjoyed it. I'm all ways amazed how people like to just pretend "it's just their imagination" really? It's not in her head and I would really like to kno…More

Ghost Bugler

That gave me chills. Hearing the ghost bugler in the middle of the night, and you were the only one to hear it. Reminds me of one trip to Gettysburg, PA, nothing going on that day, just taking a leis…More

Modular Home Poltergeist

I am gonna lay bets that its coming from the land.One can only imagine what walked that land before your home was placed there.It does nor sound like its malicious, but just letting you know its arou…More

Natalies Poltergeist

I worked in a Teen Correction Facilty, and when we had new intakes my job was to first read their entire chart and learn as much as I could before I started working with them daily.One girls chart ha…More

Talking pants

It has to be true, who could even come up with that from their imagination?I do remember in my 20's waking up in the night with a leg cramp.The house was black and dead silent. I started stretching m…More

Haunted in Adelaide

This story has caught my attention. I am another Adelaidian, who has become highly attuned to paranormal events occurring around me. Have you ever had anyone look into these occurrences you are exper…More

Haunted in Adelaide

This story has caught my attention. I am another Adelaidian, who has become highly attuned to paranormal events occurring around me. Have you ever had anyone look into these occurrences you are exper…More

Natalia's poltergist

I feel this is a true story and these people should call in a paranormal team toinvestigate. Because children an animals are said to see things that us adults do not. I think a demon is involved and …More

Night of the talking pants

This story had me literally laughing out loud. Not that I didn't believe it, but that I can just imagine a pair of pants strolling into a bedroom and chattering away like it was no big deal, then cas…More

Natalie's poltergeist

You may want to rebuke whatever this is in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Leave no 'sin' doors open. I believe Christians can be harrassed by demons not so much possessed by them, especially if t…More

Nathalie's Poltergeist

Please, pretty please take your child off meds and move...or have an exorcism...or ask her what the voices say...psychotropic meds for a child permanently rewire their brains...potential long term da…More

College Professor's Ghost

Nice to see another Redman/Riverhawk on here! I'm trying to place where this is, but I'm having trouble. I graduated in 1998. Weren't Wilson and Haskell the dorms by the library?Lots of weirdness goi…More

Natalie's poltergeist

The fact that this man has put his daughter on anti-psychotics, when he knows good and well what is really happening, but is too scared to admit it is sickening. I consider this man a horrible parent…More

Natalie's Poltergeist

First of all, if a psychiatrist is calling this schizophrenia, you need to find a shrink with a clue. Schizophrenia is a bona fide brain disease, as evidenced by differences between schizophrenic and…More

Daddy's Voice

What a beautiful story! The author is so fortunate to be able to hear her father and know he is around her as a guardian angel. It sounds like he's doing a good job too! In life, he must have been a …More

College Professor's Ghost

Interesting story. I think the author has some latent abilities to see spirits. This is a precious gift. It is sad that our society so fears death that those who have passed on are automatically cons…More

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