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Knocking on front and back door

? Why do this things happen and why I don't see it or hear it and it's my house. I've been in that house for the pass 18 years. My girlfriend and daughter's hear thinks.why my house is something they…More

Three Knocks

I too had three knocks thay woke me up at 3:30 in the morning in 2007. I forget the day but one year less a day or more my dad died. I heared the knocks once about ten years before that time my grand…More

7-foot shadowman

I saw exactly the entity that she saw.all and every discription are exact and accurate and for sure its all true.i have seen it myself and i thought i am all alone who'd witness this entity and i am …More

Seven foot shadow man

O think it is an excellent story but very scary and dangerous. I think that this problem is very different and not many people encounter things like this. I would defiantly tell people and find help.…More

Miraculous Phone Repair

I am sorry, but I simply don't believe the story. It reminds me of the following 'tale', told by a well known person. It went like this: "a champion boxer (sorry, can't remember his name) claimed he …More

Stockyard City Ghosts

I believe the story but the spirit with the gaping mouth is a mouth. No human spirit would resemble something so monstrous. The appearance of the spirit is intended to instill fear which is a negativ…More

My gnome story

I was home alone on a very rainy day. The storms kept coming. There was a small creek in my backyard that sometimes flooded out. Sometimes we would gather river rocks from the creek for our garden. I…More

UFO Over Tacoma

Check out lenticular clouds. They appear circular in nature and dissipate quickly. They can also be stacked on top of each other and are very commonly mistaken for UFOs. Maybe this is what it was? He…More

I shot a ghost

Whoever wrote this story had to be minus a few bricks upstairs, "The Ghost" is dead, and this dude is shooting at a spirit,I mean when it says spirit or ghost that usually means it is already DEAD!! …More

Ghost Sounded the Bugle

Little Big Horn was a horrible loss for the US Army. The death toll that day was one of the worse, including some of the civil war battles. Those men must have known that they were out numbered and t…More

Natalie's Poltergeist

First of all, I am a believer (I have experienced too much not to be one). Secondly, I worry about the people saying this family needs an exorcism and needs to rebuke the spirit, and to stop psycholo…More

Modular home poltergeist

What I personally think is that you have a very active intelligent haunting. Maybe not so much as scary but very annoying. I would look into an evp recording to be sure and to have evidence of a haun…More

UFO over Tacoma

I saw something like this as well, during the summer of 2011, at Courtenay, BC Vancouver Island. I've seen a lot of strange things in the sky around here.I was sitting outside on my deck in the after…More

Ghost Followed Me

I'm sorry, but having a lampshade pop off and hearing a loud shaking sound isn't exactly what I'd call in influx of paranormal activity. This writer makes it sound as if things go haywire after they …More

Natalie's Poltergeist

This is a very good, scarry story! I like all the way Carl describes what each person in his family has experienced. It's been stated many times that people with mental illness are very sensative to …More

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