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Eternal Standoff with Demons

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By strangeuniverse

Your True Tales for November 2012

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Eternal Standoff with Demons

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For heaven's sake don't just accept being bothered and threatened like that. Those creatures are taking advantage of your youth and inexperience. First off, take every opportunity to demand that they leave, secondly, get help - contact a minister, priest or whatever religious leader you have any connection to and explain your predicament, contact the nearest paranormal investigative group and ask for suggestions on how to rid yourself of the creatures, - smudging etc., keep trying until you have real help. It is of utmost importance that you have a firm belief in your own connection to God and the ability to banish them. Your confidence in that is a vital element. If you are deprived of the power of speech, just mentally calling for God when confronted by a creature will help.Try to stay away from dark matters in general and focus on more positive things. Pray, yes, especially before going to bed and ask for protection of angels and ancestors. Believe in yourself and the power of goodness. Good luck

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