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Threatened by Swamp Shadows

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By Lemarch

Your True Tales for November 2012

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Threatened by Swamp Shadows

My Review 

This was a very enjoyable story, not least because it was written by someone who is (was?) a true disbeliever. As somewhat of a former skeptic, I can relate to the shock and disorientation of having everything you know no longer fit exactly in the holes you used to store them, so to speak. Until you've had your own experience, it's only natural to have doubts.

I can't tell you what those particular creatures were, but I know there are consciousnesses that exist that our eyes can't necessarily see. And why not, since we are surrounded by all kinds of radio waves, cell phone signals, wireless signals, etc. that are totally invisible, yet carry huge amounts of information. Our eyes don't see everything that surrounds us. It's a matter of frequencies - who knows if you'll ever see these things again, even if you do go the same way and try to create the same circumstances. Maybe there were the perfect conditions for this sighting - right humidity, temperature, wind speed, solar magnetic fields, who knows.

All I can say is welcome to the club.

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If you see these things multiple times, bring a buddy along as a witness.

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