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The Praying Apparition

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By kitfox22

Your True Tales for September 2012

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The Praying Apparition

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Dear K.M. -

Thank you for posting your experience. You asked for comment from someone who might be able to "shed some light" on it, or "offer some commonsense explanation" -- whatever i can offer may not fit the mold of 'explanation', and may shed only an odd sort of light. Similar perceptive events have occurred in my life, and for forty years i've sought widely for a realistic 'explanation'. Out of many fruitless trails, here's a synopsis of the best framework that i've found: There are true parallels to our experiences in the cognitive world of ancient Mesoamericans. They described human beings as inherently possessing a vast repertoire of modes of perception, but most all humans beings are locked in a rather prosaic mode of perception by the circumstances of the human life situation here on this world. Occasionally, in the case of ordinary people, the mode of perception can temporarily (and accidentally) slip into something just outside our 'regular' mode (the 'bar graph' you were shown?). This possibility of moving to a different mode of perception was actively cultivated and groomed into a discipline of functional praxes by the seers of that culture. Out of that discipline, they described the awareness of the organic living creatures of this world as having what could appear as a color -- pink, peach or amber -- that depended on certain characteristics of the organism. They also described the cognitive potential of the human mind, once moved into one or more of the modes of perception outside of our rigid & constrained one, as being so filled with direct knowledge and understanding, as well as alacrity, that we would find that state of being, from the perspective of our 'normal' selves, to be quite unbelievable. Things beyond belief would be at one's fingertips in that larger perceptive world. They also described the universe at large -- available to those with flexible modes of perception -- as containing forces/influences that were compassionate towards humans, as well as forces/influences that were not so.

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