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Good evidence is good evidence.

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By guestdps

What is a ghost?

A ghost is the soul of a person that has pasted. It is up to the soul how to manifest. Ball of light, apparition, disembodied voice or unexplained sounds or touches.

What would you consider scientific evidence?

The answer to this question doesn't matter. Good evidence is good evidence. There will also be someone out there to question everything no matter what. The EMF reading is the reading of electromagnetic fields that's said to spike in areas of paranormal locations. There is so much trickery with photos and videos that no one believes the true evidence when they see it. Even with EVP's audio can also be faked. And there will always be ways to fake and people not to believe no matter what you show them. So the question is what would non believers consider to be good scientific evidence as far as the world of paranormal goes?????

Tips and Tricks

  • Take a tour with equipment and just tour the location without trying to investigate. If the location is haunted you will get evidence without disturbing the environment. This is how I've got my best evidence to date.
  • show no fear
  • shield yourself (protection prayer or whatever you like)
  • trigger object (human bait is best)

Is this a spiritual experience for you?

Sometimes, yes.

Does your team offer to expel paranormal that you find?

NO..however we will offer to help them get the help they need.

What is your favorite piece of equipment and why?

Voice recorder, always interesting to know you got something you didn't hear.

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