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Floating bathrobe

Share Your Story: What's the Weirdest Unexplained Thing You've Ever Seen?

By Emmalee

What I saw

I was ten years old and sleeping in my sister's bed, as I was to afraid to sleep alone because our house was haunted. I woke up at about five thirty because my kitten was purring really loudly. from the moment i woke up, i had a feeling that I should get out of the room as quickly as possible. then suddenly i noticed that there was a strange green glow in the reflection of the room in the cupboard door. Where the green light should've been was my sister's bathrobe floating two feet off the floor. it looked like it was being worn by an invisible person. It had even been tied up at the front. it didn't move, though.

Where I saw it

Floating right next to the bed on my sister's side.

We lived in Cranbourne (Victoria, Australia) in a fairly new house that had been built on very old farmland.

Lots of my friends living in the same area had also experienced hauntings and strange phenomena, so I think that the area has quite a bit of history.

Lessons Learned

  • Never to go in my sister's room again!

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