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Slender Ghost

Share Your Story: What's the Weirdest Unexplained Thing You've Ever Seen?

By Tracey Wilson

What I saw

It Started in my crib an older slender man looking over me at all times! He use to wake me up at night to show me something, I was always walking into the walls bouncing my head off it trying to follow him. When I'm awake I see him pacing back and forth waiting for me to pay attention! in my most weakest moments he is their! I see or smell him and I just know I'll be okay! Only when I'm off the path does he make himself appear to me LIKE a father guiding his little girl! He is still with me and I'm now in my 40's. ENERGY never die's! I feel more alone with humans than when I'm by myself? We are never really alone!

Where I saw it

I am from Toronto and moved to BC and I can say... I could be anywhere around the world and he will still be with me! Their is no borders when it come to the other side! I've been blessed with sight! I was raised by a village so I know for sure that I am different from observing, as I never shared anything WHY it was not a conversation in most peoples homes. I have been accused of being cursed by the devil, or a witch at a time in my life I was unaware of my abilities or begin to understand myself! I understand who I am NOW! WOW I know why their are afraid every one is afraid of the truth and truth is all I see. I even knew when my BEST FRIEND was going to die, their are thing we can not change! or I would have saved her life! The truth has only set me free... and TO GIVE THANKS for all the good that comes my way, and ask for strength and courage to stay strong when times are tough as they are your lessons to learn at that time in your life!

Lessons Learned

  • I understand that I'm guided by the truth and this is all I know. I am a messenger and only speak when I know the truth if unsure observe and the answer will come IT ALWAYS DOES. We are all energy and I can read and feel all around me! I know I'm here for a reason to help my fellow man through this tough time on the planet! I had to learn to go with the flow and change with each house I had to call home! I trust what I feel and see as it has never lead me down the wrong path as humans had for their own gain. I have nothing to lose by telling the truth and I don't have a lie coming back to hunt me! Beauty of truth:)

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