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Vampire Attack

Share Your Story: What's the Weirdest Unexplained Thing You've Ever Seen?

By Vinay

What I saw

When I was with my friends, every midnight I used to watch horror, scary, mystery movies and sleep in front of it even when the show was running. On 12-5-04 as usual I slept in front of TV seeing the vampire movie, then suddenly I felt as if some vampire came into my room and with his teeth he was sucking my blood. I thought it was my dream, but in morning 10:00 AM when I saw myself in the mirror, I fainted with a big scary scream. Listening to the scream, my mother came with tensed eyes, saw me fainted near the mirror with blood flowing near the neck. She immidiately took me to the hospital and doctors declared me safe from danger.

Where I saw it

This happened when I was in London on our school trip. With classmates I went. Suddenly our teacher was running with high fever. So my mother saw the fever for him as her opportunity and grabbed it. After seeing this incident, now also she never sends me to out of country, especially London for the vampire incident. I have many encounters with ghosts and vampires, especially with female ghosts, who always chase after me where ever I go, but not in religious shrines. They act as protectors for me from evils. After the vampire encounter, I met Marle, the female ghost who is my best friend and saves me from evils and especially from my daddy, who gets irritated by my mischief acts in the house.

Lessons Learned

  • I learnt a lesson that I will watch horror, scary, mystery movies only in morning hours, not at 12:00 AM or after because our mythology (which I believed after the vampire encounter)says 12:00 AM till 3:00 AM is the best time for ghosts and vampires to hunt their prey -- that means humans

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