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By kittycat1027

Today's date and time.

June 23 and 5:40 PM

Who I am

im female, 13 and i live in clifton heights , PA

My premonition or prediction

i went to a abonded house one day with my friends and that night i had a dream about a little girl namd veronica 6 years old died october 6 1996 and ever since then i keep have the same dream over and over again and verywhere i go it feels like shes with me right now like shes following me and the other day i had a dream about her being killed by her uncle but it was like he was pacessed and one day i went there again and it felt like someone was choking me i couldnt breathe and my friend kept trying to help me but she couldnt and then i heard a voice saying leave her alone

Tips and Tricks

  • in my dreams after i went to a haunted house
  • i couldnt remember what i did after i left the house
  • i got sundden scratches on my leg and all i could remember was having class in my hand and cuts on my leg

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