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By AngeliquePotgieter

Today's date and time.

16 November 2012

Who I am

Female, 20, live in Pretoria, South Africa

My premonition or prediction

14th of November I had an extremely "realistic" dream. woke up in tears was immensely depressed about what happened in my dream. felt it had really happened and I was sleeping to avoid the depression. The exact details are fuzzy. the main event in the dream is still a strong memory like it just happened. it revolved around my bf, Brandon. His mother & a female figure from his family was there. One of them told me Brandon had died the previous day. I saw him the day before the day he died. He was in great health and everything was fine. It was a sudden death-I kept thinking of how surreal it was-he was there the one day and suddenly gone the next-forever. I think I inquired as to the cause of death, it had something to do with illness. I didn't know what illness & I had a picture in my mind of Brandon standing there as a memory and the illness was next to him on his right. for some reason i think I might have thought of a gun firing, but I don't know if it was my thought of happened to him before I inquired or afterwards. car accident also popped in my mind. In my dream I even contemplated suicide I was so depressed.I decided against it cos suicide will cause me to go to hell & not heaven where he would be, thus making my suicide purposeless- This is also weird for I am not religious even though I know a lot about it. I told Brandon i had a terrible dream - did not tell him what happened in the dream. Have had premonitions in dreams and in being awake many times before that had come true. I had never had such a realistic dream in my life before. I obviously feared this may be a premonition. This morning Brandon was informed by his female cousin in Portugal that his grandmother died last night. She emailed him late in the evening while he was sleeping and so she did not get a response from him straight away - then she also sent an email to me asking me to inform him that she is trying to get hold of him regarding his grandmother. I asked Brandon how she passed and he just said that she has been sick for a while. He did not tell me what illness she had and I didn't think to ask.due to this he has now flown through to Umphlanga for the weekend to spend time with his mom, dad & family. I noticed that the illness being next to him was in fact a depiction that it was not him that was sick. illness was related to his death - what if something happens to him this weekend away. The only reason why he went away was due to the "illness". Or maybe the death was not about Brandon and rather just his gran?

Tips and Tricks

  • It came to me through a very intense and vivid dream which felt completely realistic. I briefly woke up a couple times after the dream due to my alarm going off that i kept snoozing and a phone call from my father that I avoided -i never avoid his calls. I thought that the alarms were phone calls from people wanting to speak to me and comfort me but I was depressed about the incident and didn't feel like speaking to anyone. I snoozed alarm and went back to sleep where the dream continued where I continued mourning. This happened several times. After I finally woke up, I was still very depressed for a long time.

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