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Mountains and ocean

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By Psygranny

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Who I am

I am a California native and the mother of 2 adult children, as well as a grandmother to 3 beautiful boys ~ I live in the foothills of the Sierra's in N. California ~ I have had premonitions all of my life, but not all of them have come true ~ Not everything is set in stone ~ In other words, ppl can change the future ~ But as a child, I ALWAYS knew when someone in my family was going to die ~ And those dreams were always correct ~

My premonition or prediction

I live in the mountains and I was looking out my window and all I could see was ocean below me ~ We were safe, but the rest of CA. wasn't ~ It was a very disconcerting dream, b/c I have loved ones all over CA. ~ I am praying that this dream wasn't a prediction of the future ~ I had this dream a couple of years ago ~

Tips and Tricks

  • In a dream ~ But as I stated before, not everything is set in stone ~ When people raise their consciousness it can raise the vibrations of others, which can effect our physical reality, as well as our spiritual reality ~

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