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Share Your Story: Visions and Premonitions of the September 11 Attacks

By Brambos

Who had this premonition and when did it take place?

Betty Bramblett, for 6 months or a year, leading up to Sept 10, 2001

What was seen in the premonition?

I had been having dreams that culminated on Sept 10, 2011. I saw about a dozen men training in class, talking about it amongst themselves, praying in another language of their immenient deaths upon plane impact. About their feelings of PRIDE/LAUGHTER which is the time I awoke totally not understanding what the dream was about. The dream looked and sounded insane. It didn't give me location until Sept 10 when I saw the skyline and recognized NY and the Liberty statue, saw the faces smiling, then the planes crash into the building walls. I didn't call anyone but did tell my husband who was sure I was crazy. My family has passed away & always believed in premonions.


  • It won't happen again from the air. This group isn't dead. Bring the troups home to protect our homeland. More attacks coming by covered people claiming to be friends with briefcases - more precisely it is tiny bombs. CLOSE OUR BORDERS so it isn't as easy for other countries to come here, train here, then destroy us ... being crazy like they were has just been shown to be easy 2 cover up. Many of those men trained here in Dallas, close to where I live and that's why I picked up on their vibrations. Jealousy motivates them, not religion. Do bkgrd checks b4 cmg into USA for anything. ANY reason.They r building bombs

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