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Objects talk to me

Share Your Story: Do You Think You Are Psychic?

By Organicfarmgirl

What I Did:

Objects talk to me....? Antique Carved. Bench, Coins, Tanka, Arrowhead,Hat, ..... Sometime vague, sometime full stories with details beyond my intel or experiences. One item I bought, it seemed to guide me to it previous owner who had lost it to theft. it was a hat that had been give to to a women by her father, he was a retired General his hat .:) stubborn that hat really wanted to find her. Wouldn't leave me alone. This had a happy ending

Hear Sounds, Music, this not so much but pretty profound when I have,

I also know way too much about strangers, and this is uncomfortable at times.

Seen ghosts, had visits

How I Did It:

I have always been sensitive I just thought I would out grow it. I thought as I got older it would fade away.... I was wrong, when I was young my aunt noticed it, she told me not to tell people they would think I was crazy. That she knew what it was like so at least I had someone who understood. This is the simplest one to explain , since some are just too bizarre to be brief with, I' ll go with the coin and see how many characters are left.

*I operate an honor system farmstand with a cash box lots of change and paper money. When counting the coins from time to time I would get silver dollars, I would get a flash of a older man bending over putting them in a glass 5gallon water jug. One day I was at our farm stand and an elderly widow and her granddaughter were shopping and she was explaining the honor system to her GD, I flashed him again then see her getting the money from a new spot now and coming here. I told her to quit putting that money in our box the coins were silver and worth much more than our produce, she looked really surprised when I asked if they were her husbands coins?

*20 years ago I lived with my aunt right out of high school and in the room I had pictures would fall off the walls on me (house was Huanted).

My aunt gave me a old Tanka and we hung that over my bed, tanka's are made of cloth very light if it was to fall won t hurt my head:). A few weeks later I have company over and they ask what that is over my bed and I new so much weird stuff I have know idea my aunt walked in very shocked at my knowledge. How old who painted it Why he painted it what he was doing when he painted it and what it meant. Using words i never heard.

*The bench.. Shouted my name from its spot outside a antique store, I was riding my bike by it was sitting with five or six other items not sure how I knew it was the bench but I'm positive. I walked inside and asked to use the phone I called my aunt and told her I found a bench she had to have she said" got to have to have? " I said yeah I'm pretty sure your suppose to have it. " so she gave me her credit card over the phone the owner said it came from Berkeley I bought it for her sight unseen. Later that month my grandmother is visiting and she was at my aunts and freaks when she's sees the carved bench she ask " where did you get that? " she said her Irish mother in law who lived in Berkeley ( my great grandmother) was a clairvoyant and had seances that the bench was in the parlor.

Lessons Learned

  • I'm with my aunt on the don't tell the world not everyone cares and they might think your nuts. You'll know who can relate to relate to them.
  • Your not nuts... At least I'm not,
  • I've learned to put a filter on what I pick up
  • I Avoid crowds, second hand stores, flea Mkt. When energy is weak
  • Filter what you put out, refrain from advising others, nod a lot they'll figure it out
  • Give yourself time alone to get to know the gifts inside.
  • it can be tricky, to find the right occupation, that won't leave you completely drained. Reenergize!
  • Avoid negative people

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