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I was royalty

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By tpeake

Today's date and time.

8/26/13 1:38 AM

Who I am

I am a 51 year old female I live in Hawaii

My past life

I was royalty and had people doing everything for me but I wanted to do things for myself. So In this life I had a poor upbringing with a sick mother who I had to take care of. I always felt that I just woke up there one day but I didn't belong there. Even though I was poor and didn't have food to eat or new school clothes I carried myself like I was rich


  • I believe that I am trying to get back to the royal status, I have been successful a few times and could of had millions but it was lost to me. I now have a chance again to attain money and status and I hope this will be the right project for me, as I am poor again and I bad health. But I have a big chance to get it right this time.

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