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Reader Stories: Tell us about your shadow people encounters


Have you had what you believe is a real sighting or encounter with a shadow person? Tell us where and when it happened, what you saw, and how you reacted.

Tell us about it

Experience with Shadow people

In the first incidence, I did not buy the house. The shadow figure appeared to be trapped in the kitchen near the sink as it did not follow us around the house as the realtor took me on a tour. Unfor…More

Disappearing phone

**************** he said that it is almost impossible that it happened , which is surely happened.he keeps denying this event , saying that the boarding house is completely safe , and said that it is…More

I tried to scream out

I called him the shadow man be for I ever heard of such a thing. He came out of an area of the room that was pitch black, and walked to an area that was lit by natural light from the window. I always…More

Hat and a trenchcoat

I then tried again a while later when i was 10 I waited until it was just me in the house and i sat right accros from the doorway and just watched and waited after awhile instead of walking accros he…More

Shadow man figure caught my eye

It was a very warm summer night; I was 18 years old at this point. After a severe thunderstorm had taken the electric out, we had to open the windows to cool down. We had cold fried chicken and playe…More

Something unseen

Next night I continued to feel that "something" unseen is in my room and trying to get close to me. I felt like some kind of energy is coming closer and touching me, when close the feeling was of .. …More

Black shadow figure darted

I really have nothing to say. I didn't know what had happened just then but I knew something did. Needless to say the house proved to be quite haunted with much activity all of the time. My experienc…More

Ran through my fence

To this day i think sometimes that im crazy and made it up in my head but then i ask my friend and she verifies it all. We both saw it and we both remember it very clearly. It was one of the most ter…More

Screaming so loudly

It was the scariest feeling. Both times this happened , it happened the exact same way. In different rooms of the house. Both times laying on my side, unable to move or speak. I shadow figure of a "p…More

A shadow would follow me

ItStarted at around 6-7 years of age my brother and I had a rough up bringing, anyway one night my brother and I are home alone which was a regular thing and we were in the lounge roomEvery light on …More

Tall jet black man with eyes glowing like the sun

I said, grandma, how do I get rid of him, cause I got to go to the bathroom bad? She said, just get down on your knees, and ask God to take him away, and he will. So I knelt down in front of my baby …More

I saw a black shadow go across the closet doors

I had not been drinking. There was "night light" shining through our bedroom window so as to light up our closet doors. The shadow moved across the doors. The voice.....I could not tell if it was mal…More

I was a little freaked out

I was staying with my aunt in new mexico for a week. My parents were living in Denver at the time. I went to a friends house with my cousin and saw this shadow person out of the corner of my eye. did…More

I just felt watched

I didnt feel scared even at that age. I just felt watched. I dont remember what happened afterwards. The next day I woke up and didnt think much about it. Years passed and this dream always popped up…More

Astral projecting

i believe (unbeknown at the time) that i was astral projecting (awake but in the form of my spirit) because i was running around my house which was in exact order as normal looking for shoes because …More

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