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From the article: Shurland Hotel Poltergeist
In this video recorded by a closed circuit TV camera at the Shurland Hotel in Eastchurch, U.K. seems to show a pint of beer getting knocked from a table. Or does it just slide off? The hotel staff has reported other instances of paranormal activity at the hotel. What do you think?

no one

It looks like it was pushed off the table. If it were just condensation it would have fallen straightaway when it got to the edge of the table instead of swinging away from the table.
—Guest no one

Not sure

He just sat there though? Why did the girl have to pick up the glass that was right next to him? Ghost or not?!
—Guest mzfilo55

shurland hotel

The glass falls as the person to the right pulls out the chair. Since you cannot see the rest of the table....inconclusive but think the moved chair may be the factor...
—Guest michael

glass slid

The glass was already on the edge of the table and since condensation built up at the bottom, it made it easier for it to slide, which is what happened when pressure changed in the room.
—Guest dicknigger

Jumping to conclusions

Jumping to conclusions is the only exercise many of us get - me included. All we know is that the glass right at the edge of the table fell. We can't see most of the table, to know if something bumped it slightly. Or someone walking nearby caused slight vibration. Or if the table is really level. Or if a door opened causing a pressure wave. Or..... Just because we don't know why it happened does NOT mean it was paranormal. I guess it must be true that Apollo pulls the sun across the sky on his chariot, because "I can't think of anything else that could cause it."

Dead On

I think you are right about it being simple condensation. I have worked at restaurants and you don't know how many times people think a "ghost" has moved a glass and I have to explain about condensation. I do think ghosts exist, but in this case, no, physics is at work here.
—Guest Paraport


When a glass full of liquid which is colder than the air around it sits for a while, it starts to condensate. In certain glasses, the bottoms are curved; like an upside-down cup. Think of the bottom of a soda can - same thing. Anyway, after awhile, if enough moisture builds up under there, it can actually propel the glass/can and cause it to slide. I've seen it happen several times in my life. The first time, I too thought it was a ghost.
—Guest Visara

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