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Readers Respond: What is your opinion of the Kinect-ing with Ghosts video?

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  • From the article: Kinect-ing with Ghosts
    This video alleges to show an invisible figure captured by the Kinect motion sensor set-up. What do you think? Give us your opinion

    Wrong... It can pick up random objects

    As an engineer who works with the kinect and has duplicated the hardware from the ground up I can tell you 100% for sure that certain combinations of light and shadow on an object can cause random anomalies that look like people. I can duplicate it in the lab with ease using nothing more than a curtain and a lamp.
    —Guest JerseyTechGuy

    This is for real

    I have personally used this part of the kinect party game (I believe that is what it is on). It does not pick up random objects as people. This is VERY odd. I would say something is definitely going on.
    —Guest RussoFamily1207

    Kinect-ing with Ghosts

    Very interesting. I would like to watch more of their experiments.
    —Guest mcjaeger68

    Give us your opinion

    What is your opinion of the Kinect-ing with Ghosts video?

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