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Readers Respond: Tell us about your encounter or experience with an angel

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Angel in smoke

Well recently I've lost my best friend , he was hit by a car a week before his 18th birthday. We had a nice group of friends that were really close with each other. At his funeral we were his paulberrers. We would just chill and smoke weed with each other and hang out everyday. After his funeral all of us gathered to go pay him a visit at his grave and to smoke another blunt with our fallen friend. We started to take random pictures with my iPod and on the way home we noticed that in one of the pictures if my friend letting smoke out of his mouth. We seen a clear as day image of our friend in the smoke turned looking at me. In the picture you can see the facial structure he had and he had longer hair ( he was growing his hair out ) and it looked as if he had a wing and some clouds over him. You could also see he had a hoodie of some sort with his arm showing that its in the jacket pocket. Another picture just shows this skull type thing. Coming out of my friends mouth. Idk what to thin
—Guest Anthony

Angel Encounter #2

My youngest daughter drove alone across the border from NC to SC to visit some friends. She drove the 28 mile trip home, arriving late around 11:30 PM. She said, “Mom, a strange thing happened. Remember Sarah’s angel? I think I have one, too.” She explained how she pulled out onto the street in her friend’s neighborhood and suddenly headlights appeared in her rear-view mirror. The headlights stayed with her, following her through every twist and turn. At one point she pulled into the left lane and slowed down to see if the vehicle would pass her. A white sedan with dark tinted windows pulled up alongside her and stayed even, then dropped back. She again pulled into the right lane. About two miles from our house, she came upon a bad head-on collision between a pickup truck and an SUV. Several police cars blocked the entire intersection. A policeman directed her through one way traffic on the only lane that was open. No one could have turned to the left or the right. As she
—Guest Sue

Angel Encounter #1

These two unusual encounters happened the week after Christmas 2012 to my daughters, several days apart. My oldest daughter, her husband, and her brother-in-law were driving through NC on the interstate to their home in VA when they had a flat tire. They called my husband, frustrated, because they couldn't get the jack to work. My husband couldn't go help them, plus he called a few minutes later to say he had run out of gas! I reached my daughter with a phone number of a mechanic to call and they said, never mind, the jack worked and they actually weren't too far from our house. They came over for dinner, and my husband arrived home safely, too. Sarah said, “Mom, an unmarked, white tractor trailer pulled over behind us on the shoulder. A bald man was driving it. He never got out. I waved to him but he didn't wave back. I think he was protecting us until he saw we had the situation under control. We pulled back onto the highway and so did he. Then the truck disappeared!”
—Guest Sue

I was not late

once when i was waiting for the bus and the bus was late, i knew that i would be late for my doctor appointment. i was jus sitting and looking in the other direction, when i turned back towards where the bus should be coming a elderly lady was sitting beside me and she said, hello. i acknowledge her and then she said, its so hot today and I said, yes it is. she then said, i wish i had a glass of water. I only lived down the street so I got up and went home and brought her a large jar with ice and water. i handed it to her and she smiled and said, thank you dear. when i looked in the other direction and she said, don't worry you won't be late. here comes the bus I said, then when i turned in her direction she was gone. behind me is a chain link fence taller than i am. my height is 5' 4", the lady was no where to be found. i borded the bus and sat there puzzled, then I said thank you Lord. i arrived on time and had a blessed results for from my doctor regarding my blood pressure. thank y
—Guest BJ Hookano

archangel uriel

september 2012 - something kept on telling me to begin to look into angels and when i began to listen to the voice i could hear urgency in it. but the strangest thing was that i was given a name. so i began spending almost all of my time studying the angel named uriel. but this is much later, 2011 was when it all began, i had a dream in which i was back at my secondary school and a man approached me and spoke to me, telling me he was the son of god and he produced a picture of an angel, halo above his head and a midnight blue background, the son behind his head and he said "touch the painting, and feel its power". so i did and lets say the energy surge was so powerful i was jolted awake as a 15 year i almost nearly wet myself. since then strange happenings such as televisions turning on, static coursing from my head ad down my arms and radio frequences cutting out began, i also had and still do have a feeling of energy in the pit of my stomach. (there is a second part to this)


It started with one stressful evening when I came back from the university. As I reached home I felt very tired and I fall asleep. I was shocked when an angel wake me up from my evening nap. He stretch forward his hand and lay it on my forehead. When he touched my forehead, I felt a surge of electrical current , so great ,it felt like a million watts of electrical current just pass through my body. My bedroom , it feels like there is an earthquake and hurricane at the same time. The creature is so majestic, he is huge glowing like a plasma and his entire body is surrounded by lightning blue and green in color. I praise God but at the same time I experience something like Holy fear just emerge from my emotion. I am so amazed but puzzled at the same time. A moment later, the angel left and I was wide awake. I felt great, fully recharged and the stress just left. I felt great somehow. I believe ,God sent the angel to comfort me on that day. It was my 2nd angelic visitation.

California Adventure Park Disneyland

I just had very specific angel interaction at Disneyland in the women's loo. A little girl about 8 in pink struck up such an adult conversation with me at the sink basins while I was rinsing my contacts out from a pink contact case. She similarly in age to a child of mine if I had not had many miscarriages in the years prior. I knew she was an angel letting me know that they were all around me and taking care of me. She was so uninhibited with tremendous verve and eye-contact. She was inquisitive and even complimented how nice I looked in my outfit that day (even though I was wearing ripped up designer jeans, black tank top, and a Mickey mouse baseball cap). She told me it was a pleasure 'speaking' with her that day and told me to take care of myself as she launched her hand out for me to shake it whilst she smiling very brightly. I have always been psychic, knowing and seeing things MOST others don't, but this interaction was a rarity. I will cherish it .
—Guest ALY

Had an angel encounter

While waiting on the elervator on the 6thfloor of the horse shoe casino hotel in tunica miss. I was the only one in the hallway that night so I thought. till i looked@the picture I took with my Cell Phone. I took a picture of my self in the mirror by the elevator. when I looked at the picture the next day there it was a white large figure cradling me standing behind me as if it was protecting me. My sister just died in may 2012 she always protected me and a friend told me it was an angel and it was my sister. I do believe in Angels!

an angel helping

My daughter was probably around 11 or 12 years old when this happened, she is 26 now. We had part of a small house built, but were using a small rv for our kitchen and bathroom which was parked right next to the living room of the house. Anyway one evening while in my bedroom I hear her yell Mommy!, so I run to see what she needs, however, I got sidetracked by some of my other children when I got to the living room, and my brother who was sitting on the sofa right near the door. Someone said something to me and I answered, then, I heard her yell again, so I ran out the door and in the rv. As soon as I step inside, I see her standing frozen, and I see a water mocosin snake coiled up less than three feet from her. Anyway, I got her out of harms way and my brother killed the snake. I asked her if she had called me, and she said she wanted to but couldn't, she was too afraid. No one else heard her yell, and it couldn't be missed. I know an angel called to me in her voice.
—Guest debbie

If you really want an honest opinon...

then it's imagination and tall stories- nothing more.
—Guest Didymus

Presence of a Angel

On April 14th 1992, I fell asleep at the wheel and drove our car off a French autoroute at 90mph. All 4 of us were fast asleep when I missed a concrete bridge and we went down a 30ft ravine. I heard my husband scream 'brake!' and I woke up. The front of the car was buried in the ground. None of us suffered even a scratch, and there was an enormous sense of peace surrounding us as we got out. I sensed an angel's presence, which I've never forgotten. Gendarmes arrived expecting to find bodies. Weirdly, the car had found a short gap in the steel barricade after the bridge (This is now blocked up) A miracle. Also, weirdly, I'd known for ages my death date is April 14th, but didn't realise this connection until a long time afterwards...
—Guest SallySpedding

My encounter with angels

My last child was born with Heart Disease. On the morning of his open-heart surgery, the lights in his hospital room went so bright it was incredible. I have never seen a hospital light do that before. My pastor was with me and can confirm this. I had been sitting in a rocking chair with my son and I was singing Jesus Loves Me to him. My pastor said that it was a sign from God and his angels. I believe this to be true.
—Guest PMCode

The angel picture

On the about.com webpage "Encounters with Angels" there is a very tiny picture, and the caption under the picture says "is this a real angel?" I can't even see the picture so how do we know anything? Is there an enlargement of the photo anywhere and why would you post such a tiny tiny picture?
—Guest Beryl

Mom and Dad

My mom & dad died a year apart. Dad died a month before Christmas. Christmas was sad and lonely for us. Right before Christmas I found a Christmas card in a drawer and it was signed by my parents before they died. The card was never addressed to anyone. Having that Christmas card made us feel a lot better.
—Guest joanne

It Was His Birthday

It's not an angel in the typical sense, but when my nana was tidying up the house on the anniversary of her and her late husband's wedding, she found an old angel prayer card. She smiled and said that he sent her an angel as a present.
—Guest Mia

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