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Readers Respond: Tell us about your encounter or experience with an angel

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From the article: Two Angel Rescue Stories
Many people say they have had experiences or direct encounters with forces or beings they believe may be angels. Have you had such an experience. Tell us about it.

A new spiritual path

Well..it's SO hard to explain. I've never really heard from my angels but I've been seeing the numbers 777 and 444 a lot. I also had a dream about the bottom of a little statue titled with "ANGELIC STRATEGIES". It said something about imagining a belt to hold me in somewhere. I hope someone can relate. =3 I mean just today I heard a clearly audible voice say "Come on!" I've also been hearing a male voice say "Stop!" I've heard that that means your angel's entered your aura, but I don't know. =) Also, back to the "Come on!" thing, NOBODY said anything! No one said they'd said it! :D It kinda puzzled me.... Makes me wonder can you guys let me know what ya think?
—Guest Cutiepie

mrs harrington

i had an operation back in 2003 during my time under anastetic i recall lying in the arms of an angel his wings were like 3 man lengths long the white colour was nothing of this world.the angel was praying over me.i was not allowed to look at the angels eyes for their was fire under the lids and i would be gone.there was a very big room and we were up high.i was told by my son only months ago that were telling him that i was wasent making it and kept this from me.i survived but i never have forgotten i bear witness that angels are very much real.
—Guest serayan

If you really want an honest opinon...

then it's imagination and tall stories- nothing more.
—Guest Didymus

Presence of a Angel

On April 14th 1992, I fell asleep at the wheel and drove our car off a French autoroute at 90mph. All 4 of us were fast asleep when I missed a concrete bridge and we went down a 30ft ravine. I heard my husband scream 'brake!' and I woke up. The front of the car was buried in the ground. None of us suffered even a scratch, and there was an enormous sense of peace surrounding us as we got out. I sensed an angel's presence, which I've never forgotten. Gendarmes arrived expecting to find bodies. Weirdly, the car had found a short gap in the steel barricade after the bridge (This is now blocked up) A miracle. Also, weirdly, I'd known for ages my death date is April 14th, but didn't realise this connection until a long time afterwards...
—Guest SallySpedding

My encounter with angels

My last child was born with Heart Disease. On the morning of his open-heart surgery, the lights in his hospital room went so bright it was incredible. I have never seen a hospital light do that before. My pastor was with me and can confirm this. I had been sitting in a rocking chair with my son and I was singing Jesus Loves Me to him. My pastor said that it was a sign from God and his angels. I believe this to be true.
—Guest PMCode

The angel picture

On the about.com webpage "Encounters with Angels" there is a very tiny picture, and the caption under the picture says "is this a real angel?" I can't even see the picture so how do we know anything? Is there an enlargement of the photo anywhere and why would you post such a tiny tiny picture?
—Guest Beryl

Mom and Dad

My mom & dad died a year apart. Dad died a month before Christmas. Christmas was sad and lonely for us. Right before Christmas I found a Christmas card in a drawer and it was signed by my parents before they died. The card was never addressed to anyone. Having that Christmas card made us feel a lot better.
—Guest joanne

It Was His Birthday

It's not an angel in the typical sense, but when my nana was tidying up the house on the anniversary of her and her late husband's wedding, she found an old angel prayer card. She smiled and said that he sent her an angel as a present.
—Guest Mia

A Comforting Message

I had been having a rough week and had broken up with my boyfriend on the day that I went to the grocery store. I was very despairing and feeling like life was getting too much. As I was walking back to the car an ordinary looking lady struck up a conversation with me. At the last minute she tunbed to me and said "You have a beautiful energy. You're a good person.". A little taken aback I told her that I actually really needed to hear that after the week that I'd been through. She said "You needed to hear it. You always need to hear it more.". I got in my car and drove in the direction that she went but she was gone. I thanked God for sending me the message I needed.
—Guest Lucy

Humorous Angel

I had been praying for guidance and direction during a difficult time in my life but feeling like my prayers were not being heard. Frustrated, I challenged my angels to show me an unmistakable sign that they cared. Later that same day, while driving to an appointment, a large, slow truck pulled right in front of me. I was irritated because there were no cars behind me and I thought the truck should have waited until I passed to pull into traffic. The truck slowed further and my stress level rose until I saw these huge, steel letters at eye level right above the license plate. They said RELIANCE. The truck drove so slowly I was forced to look at this word for a good 20 minutes. When that old disco song, "Heaven Must Be Missin' an Angel" came on the radio, I actually laughed out loud. Obviously my angel has a good sense of humor.

Vision Of An Angel

Back in 1997, I was working the 3rd shift in a nursing home @ the age of 22. One night I was passing around nourishments, room to room, as patients slept. For no apparent reason I turned around & sighted what looked to be a transparent giant, w/white feahered wings from ceiling to floor, coming out of a patients room. This amazing being vanished up instantly. Right then & there I knew what I had seen & how blessed I was to have witnessed this vision of an amazing angel, as it was only for a split second. At the end of my shift, I got into my car & turned the key-the song on my radio was "You must be an angel" by Madonna....how perfect!
—Guest Alicia Marie

Angel Visit

This happened back in December of 2003. One night I dreamed that my son came into my room. He looked somewhat sad, then a man came into the room. I didn't reckonize him but then I did thinking that he was my son's dad whom my son never met. Anyway, my son and this man had the same sort of clothes on. This man conveyed to me that my son would be alright, things were going to be alright and he walked over to me and gave me a hug. His sweater was the most soft that I had ever felt. I looked at my son and thought that he had never had any type of clothes in his closet and wondered when and where that he had gotten them at. My son and this man walked out of my room and my son looked back to say goodbye and I asked when he was coming back and I got the feeling that he wasn't. Two weeks later my son died in an auto accident. Was this man my son's guardian angel or my guardian angel or both? I have always wondered since then if God had sent this man in order to give me comfort at a time needed
—Guest Barbara

My soulmate request heard by the angels

Within the past 18 months, I have been through 3 very negative romantic relationships where I ended up getting very hurt. I could not see any hope and felt so alone. So I went to see a clairvoyant who explained that I had a pink haze around me, which showed that archangel Chamuel (of love) was with me. She suggested I create a list of who my perfect soulmate would be and then give complete trust and hand this task over to my angels. I did just this, with my list, my rose quartz pendant and cassette in my hands and prayed so hard that my angels would show me a physical sign that they had heard me and were working on this request for me. About 20 minutes after my request, I looked out of my window and saw the most beautiful pink clouds that I have never seen before in my life. They were the exact same shade as my rose quartz. I stood there in amazement at this sight. I then watched as the entire sky then returned to the dull gray it had been moments before. I knew they had heard me.


About 10 years ago, I was on my way home from my nursing job about 11:30 p.m. as I worked the 2nd shift. I was driving about 70 mph in the interstate, no other traffic at that time. I took my sight off the road to do something on the passenger seat of the car and found myself driving on the median, which was just dirt and weeds. I overcorrected and lost control of the car. It was weaving back and forth as I tried to straighten it out and I was being jerked back and forth to the point I was almost on my side at times on the passenger side and then jerked back upright. I was sure I was going to roll the car and was mentally preparing myself for this. Then, suddenly the engine turned off and the car slowed down to where I could straighten it out. I was shaking and pulled the car off to the right shoulder. When I recovered enough to go on, I found that the key had been turned off and I had not done this. I realized that something had turned the key off for me.
—Guest Chris

Caught By An Angel

When I was in my 30s and the kids were younger, we lived in a mobile home . I'm a veteran and very patriotic. I've always flown a flag at home. My flag got hung up in a tree, so I climbed up 20 feet to untangle it. As I was reaching for the flag, 20 feet up in a tree, I fell. There was a fence post, I fell backwards and should have been impaled. I still have a scar on my back, behind my heart. Something caught me. I shouldn't be alive, but I am. Something was watching out for me. My name is Terry. That's why I believe in angels.
—Guest terry joe

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