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Readers Respond: What is your opinion of the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video.

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Two campers say they were looking for deer when they shot this video. They see a dark figure behind some bushes and think it's a bear... until it stands up. Then they take off like mad. Did they videotape a bear? Is it a hoax? Or did they see Bigfoot? What do you think? Share your opinion

stephen wagner "enough of orbs already"

I just read the article on orbs by stephen wagner and cudnt beleive what i waz reading,this guy asnt a clue what he,s talking about,orbs do exist and arnt the 1st manifestation of a spirt "they are the spirt"..its what we all are,ive got some of the most amazing ghost pictures ive ever seen,and nearly all are orbs in sum way,so dont ever let any 1 put u off orbs as most off these ppl who comment wudnt know a ghost if they fell over 1 :-)
—Guest jay.t

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What is your opinion of the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video.

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