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Readers Respond: What's your opinion of this video about Bigfoot nests?

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From the article: Bigfoot Nests
The video raises many interesting possibilities and may be good evidence that brings us closer to the discovery of the Bigfoot creature. But it also raises some questions. Tell us what you think. Are these Bigfoot nests?

Bigfoot nests

OK, interesting, but agree that there should be some hair. Has poop been analyzed? Should contain some DNA. Any evidence of young being fed and if so what "'leftovers" have been found? Lots of questions. Anyway, I posted here because I hope someone can help me. I'm a new member and I'm having trouble finding videos in the first place, and then having trouble opening on cell phone internet. Any advice?
—Guest msm2002

Big Foot

They have to sleep somewhere. Don't think they would sleep in trees.

Bigfoot nests?

If they have found all these feces, why haven't they been analyzed?
—Guest Don Moishe

Why not?

Why can't it be a Bigfoot nest? I get tired of all the nay-saying skeptics who believe these creatures can't exist. We should keep in mind that people thought gorillas didn't exist until the late 1890s, when a German explorer in Africa finally captured one. And there are plenty of wide-open spaces left in North America where these things can hide.
—Guest Gameryo

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