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Readers Respond: What's your opinion of these stories of black-eyed people?

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They are here. and one is my friend. they are not vampires, nor are they entirely demons. they just are.
—Guest luke

my eyes

myeys turn completely black with no white in them at all this only means that we are the angels god sends down to fight the evil in everyones heart to fully show people that different is not bad to accept people as is and if we can not do that why do we belong in heaven? we do not if we think this. the black eyed angels are doin gods work on a plane to wich he can not set foot on yet, for if we show hatred towards the unfamiliar we are damned to hell where hatred runs free. the black eye angels are rare and to be proud of, my fellow angels do not be afraid of your eyes embrace them as god does us. for all who judge your soulds are damned to an eternity of hatred, hell, if you keep it up.
—Guest bree

to scaredinnyc

If you feel you are really in danger I'm no bible thumper (no offence) but it maches the description of a demon. i hope its not too late i have no idea when this happened to you or if you'll see this again but all i can say is don't invite it in it will help if it is a weak demon. rock salt. sounds stupid but salt has purifying qualities in it that dates back thousands of years and its proven to work with me. make circles around your house of salt if or when you feel like its near or put the salt around the house so its handy. Also this won't work well if its in a body as it seems it is so all i say is iron it hurts them but mostly when in a body its a lot like a human only faster stronger amd its old so a lot smarter more than likely if you need help or see this message me at tylerburgie@gmail.com also anyone else who is being hunted by one of these "black eyed ones" but don't wast my time on hoaxs please. blessed be.
—Guest Tylerthewiccan

I had black eyes

I had black eyes when i was born and have major anger issues, I've been considered scary and people try to keep me calm. I've been known to to be extremely violent and mean. People say when I grow up I'm gonna be a cold blooded murderer. I dont want to be like this...
—Guest Anonymous


I dont believe these are evil beings. If in fact theyre human alien hybrids dont you think they feel a bit out of place? Im a big believer in positive energy and entering each mew situation with an open mind and an open heart. Fear not. Be strong
—Guest Ryan Chicago

BEC's Are Spirits

I saw a guy with all black eyes. He had no pupil and I saw nothing white in his eyes. I was just looking at him. He asked me a question and I answer it. He acted like a normal human being. There was nothing scary about him. I believed he was a spirit and that he has not went to the light to rest in peace. I believe many of these spirits live in the spirit world. Some spirits like him are good or evil. Some of these spirits do not know that they are dead. I believe some of these spirits can travel between the spirit world and our world. These spirits have not went to the white light because something is holding them back. They can not stay in our world and they can not go to heaven or hell. They all go to live in the spirit world till the end of times. In the revelations, the lord will take all the dead on the Earth to place judgement on them. Then, the rapture will come like a thief in the night and people will disappear in the end of times.
—Guest anonymous

So many theories...

I believe they exist, but I'm not sure what they are though I studied a lot on that subject. The most reasonable explanation might be kids playing a prank, but there is a differing between BEK and "normal kids". Why should people fear them so much, if it would be boys just wearing contacts? A little far fetched in my opinion. So, to get the point: I think they match a lot with the Nephilim and Sluagh (wild hunt in irish folklore). Both appear human, but are something totally different and soulless. They are described having black eyes, being very pale or olive and emitting strange smells. Also, these creatures would either suck or steal the soul of a human, to add them to their own consciousness or collect them. OR they indeed are Storm Troopers of Darkness, send out to pull humanity into obscurity. It would apply to a lot of encounters I've read... of course, it can as well be something entirely new and different. There are so many theories on the net...
—Guest Sweeney

Black eyed

It may just have been his conscience berating him or it could actually have Ben the ghosts of some of the kids that US marines like to murder in foreign countries.
—Guest Archie1954

What if invited in?

There is not a single report of what happened when the black eye kids are invited in. These people may just disappear forever. So beware and shut the door.


These children with all black eyes are DEMONS in human form. THATS WHAT THEY ARE. They ask because humans have free will. So if you were to let them in all hell would break lose. Good thing this marine listened to his voice within and closed the door. His words that they were on attack felt like they were pulling him in is because that is what they were attempting to do.
—Guest Angel

What does it mean

I dont know but i always have weird dreams but this particilar one was vivid almost outtabody even. Well one day i fell asleep on my girlfriends bed on my back and i noticed i began to shake and awful feeling of fear ran thru my body i eventually fell.into a deep sleep but i coulf see my self on the bed sleeping. right away something felt wrong and i coulf hear laughter and chanting in the next room it was her mom and her doing somekind of witch craft with candles and pictures i immeadetly got scared and shut the door but as i was walking back to the bed i turned toward her closet i took mabey 3 /4 steps and before i could put mu foot down for the final step it felt a sorta magnetic feild underneath my foot very strong. I couldnt place my foot flush with the floor so i put all my weight on that one foot to see what would happen and sure enough bothfeet were at least 4 inches of the ground i ran out the house being chased by a old lady in black with black eyes waling like a banshee
—Guest Gods soldier

The answer to this is SO SIMPLE.

Every black eyed kid story I have read, they all seem to have one thing in common: No one CALLS UPON THE LORD. If you encounter one of these things, ask THE LORD for HIS HELP! The name "Jesus" would be enough to send them away. They are workers of satan. They invoke feelings of dread and hopelessness for a reason: those who have no hope are the easiest to control. The more fearful and hopeless you are when you encounter these things, the less likely you are to turn to GOD to save you. That is what they want. They want all souls in hell. I haven't read them appearing to faithful people because the kids would know it would be pointless. They appear to those with NO FAITH because without the Lord they have absolutely no defense of this world to help themselves. If one knocks on your door, ask them if they know who St. Michael is. Or throw some holy water at them and watch them run. It is extremely ease to obtain, get some quick.
—Guest mmk

it happen to me....

I had a social worker come to my house twice the first time she came sat on my daughters bed snd talked to us it was fine..the next time i was alone when she came to visit i let her in and sat down ,but she stood over me while i was looking for paperwork.i looked up to tell her i couldnt find a paper when i did her eyes were pitch black when they were normal before...i quickly put my head back down and repeated i couldnt find it.she then said ok and left....she never came back and o was givin a new case worker
—Guest draya

Something Else Will Happen Too

I saw a Black-Eyed kid standing outside of my window, I look in my shirt and saw a tooth pick and I said "Let me poke you in the good eye".......
—Guest Buddie

My eyes turn entirely black

I am able to chenge my iris to pretty much any color, I've gotten it to go neon green to a blood red. My friends and anybody I've ever had a fist fight with has told me that when I get angry my eyes turn completely black, and voice gets so deep that it becomes a non-understandable growl, my skin turns paper white, and I begin snarling like a deranged animal. I've always had a very short fuse, and become 'murderously' violent unless someone I care about snaps me out of it. I've even been called psychotic and placed in a asylum for 3 years of my childhood. I can see spirits, I've opened my bedroom door without getting up from my couch (using my thoughts), I've ignited a candle with nothing more than thoughts, I have an astounding sense of anatomy for every living creature and I have never studied. I've always disliked the day time, I prefer the moon light. I've always been a loaner and I liked it that way. The world sucks, it should a burn to the ground.
—Guest Vagnaros

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