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Readers Respond: What's your opinion of these stories of black-eyed people?

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maybe maybe not

in many cases this could be a medical condition, tattoos,etc. BUT in many cases of demonic posession and exorcism reports of black eyes or eyes turning black have been reported so who really knows in these cases...
—Guest joshua

Freaks me out!

I decided to surf the web about these black eyed beings because in my life I have only had 2 dreams with them in it, one being last night. You know, you just know these things are demonic. Come to find out people are having real live encounters with them! Having faith in Jesus name works! Amen to that! We are living in some crazy times!
—Guest cichlidlover

i must be crazy too

i was in timmies and was reading a paper, about these kids, and there was a picture. It looked almost fake. Are you sure these aren't people that have died their kids eyes or used contacts in some rebelious sort of thing? you never know...
—Guest hazel


I have pitch black eyes all my life doctors can't diagnose it as any type of deisese or illness does this mean im evil?
—Guest Adam


in the book of genisis it says that fallen angels(sons of god) took wives of adam(men) and had offspring that were mighty men of renown of old. i belive these beings are part of the corruption satan is trying to inflict into the human gene pool. jesus christ even said in the book of mathew that in the end time it will be like in the days of noah. i believe this satanic gene manipulation is what caused the great flood of noah's time. to me this theory fits better than the rest.
—Guest bim

I Believe

These reports are terrifying and I do believe they are true. After reading so many of these encounters, I think they are either human/alien hybrids or demons Or both could be occurring. As far as the several stories about the black-eyed children, I think that by talking with us and learning our ways, the aliens can assimilate the hybrid children into our society. ~ kayla2220@yahoo.com
—Guest Ashiana


You people do know that they have contacts that can do this. Also, judging people by eye color is ridiculous. The only one that come close to being believable is the gf changing eye color. Multiple personalities can do this. Get her to a psychologist.
—Guest Bob


Is it weird I heavily wish to meet one? If nothing else just to know what would happen if you let one in....
—Guest Selyne

aliens, vampires, or demons.

I never seen it for real but i would really love to. I think as one said vampire because of not going in unless asked to. Otherwise alien. I have seen aliens at the age of 16 and it had pitch black eyes and was tall. Also one child hight.
—Guest william

Black-eyed people

My husband was working behind the bar of a very popular nightclub(Aus).He told me of an experience. As he was busily serving,he noticed a tall man with long black hair slowly walk to the bar straight towards my husband. My Hus said it was if the crowd parted for this tall man. My hus said he was big,bigger than his 6.3 foot muscular frame. He casually asked for a drink,my Husb was freaked by his all black eyes,and fearlessness presence. He was looking at my Hus,finished the drink (a nip)and left the bar,lost amongst the crowd. My Husb was overcome by his presence and ran after him (I asked him why on Gods green earth would ooyou do this?He said he had to go after him.As he ran through the crowd and out the front doors,the tall black-eyed man was nowhere to be seen. Husb even asked security if they saw where he went,no one saw the tall man. At the end of the night he asked other bar staff about the tall man with long black hair,not one person saw him.
—Guest Lee

Black eyed people

These entities are demons and have to be invited in to enter your body if you area child of god then these people cant enter your body as it is already inhabited by the holy spirit
—Guest Colt31

Your all idiots

Are you people serious? judging a whole group like that? my best friend had black eyes. Maybe you had bad expierences, but it had nothing to do with the eyecolor. I can assure you that these people are humans! not demons! I know people with black eyes who are kind. If anyones evil here, its you for being so judgemental.
—Guest Erin

this is the truth

they are demons. they manifest ina physical form when they are strong enough. or they use the body of a living soul as a vessel to travel within. the "black eyed" beings that come to your homes asking to be let in are simply demonic forces, and should you ever let them in you would be the victim of posession or some kinds or paranormal torment. i know this becasue i have been plagued by such things since my birth. i've seen all manner of demonic things. they've touched me, hit me, scrathced me, appeared inmy drems and in my home, tried to smother me to death in my sleep, and a miriad of other things. i never did anything to prompt these things that i had suffered through for years, the reason i bring that point up is to let everyone know that we are all targets. Usually chosen at random, they despise us all. this can happen to anyone, and i've met counless others that share my story and my experiences. i hope this helps some of you.
—Guest garret

Its true!!

For people who think there not real...they are...so some people COULD be wearing contacts but what if yhere not? I, personally, never encountered one and I'm hopin I never will. From what I heard I NEVER EVER EVER want to meet one.... But it is true. I don't want to creep people out but yes they do exist! I did research to prove "people" that there wrong that they do not exist! So, I did research and they do exist no one knows what they are which is why they call them "Black eyed BEINGS" not human beings because they might not be human thats why they ate called beings because they ARE beings but NOT HUMAN ONES...some say they are "demons" or "possessed" but we do not know.....I am young to be talking about this but I am interested and want to know what these "things" are...remember even if you don't believe in them..they believe in YOU! Remember if they knock at your door do not answer because if you refuse to let them in they will DEMAND to come in and if you DO let them in..GOOD LUCK
—Guest -Prefer not to say-


i don't have a clue, but i sure wouldn't want to run into one & feel horror.
—Guest candace

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