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Readers Respond: What's your opinion of these stories of black-eyed people?

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Get Over Yourselves

I was told that when I feel threatened my eyes do turn completely black, my face gets very pale, and my voice gets very deep. I was unaware of this for most of my life. I went through school wondering why people treated me like a freak, and thought I was a witch, when I was just a shy, harmless kid. I am not a demon! I have no evil intentions, and I try to help people when ever I can. Unfortunately, I have naturally dark hair and very pale skin, so I dye my hair blonde and go tanning, so people will be more accepting of me. One day as, I was comming out of my apartment, a little girl saw me and screamed because she said that I was "scary". This really upset me. I am always very self conscious, I never say what's really on my mind, and I always make sure to "smile with my eyes," in order to put people at ease. People should not be made to feel like monsters because others don't understand. It's because of people like you that thousand of innocent people were burned as witches!

Black Eyes not Demonic

Digital age means we can get our pics on computer and out pop the ghosts! Been to Gettysburg Battlefield often, 3/4 of pics ghosts have black eyes others have all white or very small pupil showing within all white eyes. Point is, they don't need their eyes....they are more concerned with projecting physical features not eyeballs they don't use anymore. Often the eyes will even look closed. When projecting solidly they once brown eyes may fill entire eye sockets with brown...no pupil or white sclera. It looks scary to see black eyes, but don't believe all the ghosts I've captured are evil. We just assume black anything is evil, a medieval holdover. Now black mist, that may be another matter. Eyes window to soul while alive, and criminals pupils enlarge to where they look all black due to violent passion, but afterdeath eyes not used.

Old lady

I was walking downtown and I was really tired and zoned out, I was looking at the ground and noticed that an old lady with a walker was walking right toward me, and when I looked up she looked very old, probably 80+ and had a scarf around the bottom of her face, and all black eyes, I was too scared to stare, but when I looked back she was gone, she could have turned the corner but I don't think someone that frail looking could walk that fast.
—Guest Lavender


my boy friends eyes turn black when hes extremely mad,he fights his rage but sometimes it slips through,he doesn't abuse me or anything but I thought it was strange the man raises bunnies and two kids but if someone skrews with him look out,i see him struggling with rage(stupid fool driving crazy he wants to destroy him)is this a physical thing or something else
—Guest missy

my eyes turn black

I can channel my eyes black when needing its like a gift having eyes turn black do not mean we are demons but more on the term of a Angel fighting
—Guest luck charm

Read carefully

We're not talking here about regular people with normal black eyes, but evil creatures with full black eyes (no white, no iris). They create tremendous fear and could hypnotize you with their words and presence. You should NEVER let them in your house, car or tent. They need your permission, without your permission they cannot harm you. THE ONLY WAY OUT IS TO REBUKE THEM WITH AUTHORITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS BECAUSE THEY ARE DEMONS.
—Guest Jomaryca


For all those people that are offended because they have black eyes, actually read what is in front of you. "N.O. (Space) W.H.I.T.E.S." As in the pupil, the Iris, and the whites of the eye are all black. Now, as for the Black Eyed Kids and People, I think it's much more than a coincidence that people all over the world are expiriencing these strange "children" with the same sence of dread and terror. I wouldn't trust them, I believe they have to be some sort of demon.
—Guest K8_lyn

Black-eyed children

When I was seven years old I saw a black-eyed girl in a white dress about the same age as myself at the time. She practically screamed obscenities at me from a distance of a two-lane country road. I could see her black eyes from this far away and my hair stood on end as it occurred to me she was not from our neighborhood.
—Guest lotcarta

i need answers

ive had this happened to me . seems to only happen when i get real angry. this one incident i rem. seein the fear come across his face. he told my ex it was her eyes . so i asked a buddy if he had ever seen me do this and he said once. that it scared the of him . it trips me out . i know that im good kids and animals love me to death. so what is it. its only happened that i know of when im really mad and usually i would not rem. anything.
—Guest billie

responding to M.Frantock

This is the most interesting story ive heard yet in connection to the Black eyed kids phenomenon. Did your parents tell you children why you were not to mix with these others? Do you remember any more about it? I would seriously love to hear more about your experiences with these children back in tbe 50s.
—Guest fiona

All black eyes or just the iris?

Are you referring to someone having complete black eyes or just the irises? Because I have black eyes. You can't even see my pupil sometimes. And I can tell you I am not evil or a demon, I am not an alien hybrid. I am just a person with black eyes.
—Guest Me


the person you saw was a jin. I am pretty sure about it because jin (ghost) can present themselves in human body it shape what ever you say.
—Guest Abdullah

I have seen one

It was a Asian lady full black eyes walked by me in Redlands ca never seen any thing like that before scared about five years ago .
—Guest True

I believe it!

I have never had an experience with a BEK, in fact, I had never heard of them until yesterday. But with so many people in so many different places telling the same story with the same descriptions, I believe it. Just need to get this out there DEMONS DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR PERMISSION TO ENTER YOUR HOME/LIFE. I believe these guys are real, but they are not demons, at least not your typical demon.
—Guest Kayla



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