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Readers Respond: What's your opinion of these stories of black-eyed people?

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Close but insideout. Gods, Aliens, Souls. Like most you don't understand. We are not suppose to though. The proof is all around us and us. Memories from between lives are the only thing to go on but that almost never happens. You also forgot Shadow People.


I do think it's a bit ignorant to suppose that someone - such as an "emo" teen or a jerky idiot who likes to go around scaring people half to death for the hell of it would have such a dramatic physiological effect on people - especially some of those who have reported these sightings. Not everyone has been a frightened little school boy you know! Some of these people who are witnesses to this phenomenon are mothers, marines, professional people. i think, just because YOU have bought contacts and pretended to be a black eyed person it probably comforts you to believe that's what's ALWAYS happening. i somehow doubt that. I also doubt it's got anything to do with "end times" These times are much like many other times through history - actually, historically speaking we are at the most peaceful as a planet ever right now - check it out. So I rather think these are beings that have always been among us who are just getting more willing to show themselves.
—Guest lisagb


Hi guys, im a paranormal investigator researching the BEK's. Im looking to get in touch with people who have had a similar experience. contact me on d.kermit.email(at)gmail.com
—Guest Digital Kermit

There are many realities

I believe that these black eyed creatures exist. Thank goodness I have not had any such experiences. However, Jesus Christ did warn us that as the End Times come upon us, the devil and his disciples will come together on earth for the final all out battle and these black eyed creatures are the vanguard. I was born and raised a Christian (R.C) but there is so much deceit and corruption in "man made" religions I try to follow my own path. Also there is so much Godless behaviour and attitudes today it is frightening. Humanity is ripe for a takeover by dark forces especially those who appear "sophisticated" enough to jeer "You dont believe there is a God or he has a son called Jesus Christ do you". Here in the UK there is a dangerous belief growing that no one is responsible for their own actions even the most henious of crimes is being touted as "Its not your/their fault its in their genes".
—Guest Carenza

Black eyed people

True, these black eyed people are unnerving, but some of them really are just wearing contacts. I recently had a customer in for a haircut and he was wearing cosmetic Halloween lenses. I know this customer well, as he is a client I've served for years. Still, while cutting his hair I felt spooked every time I caught his reflection in the mirror. I'm not saying that there are no black eyed people out there. I just think that it's our human nature to be repelled by things we don't think are "Normal" in our perception.


"The dropping of nukes has caused extreme shifts in the land of the dead." Really? You actually believe that? You DO know crack is bad for you, right? Geez, people....all the black-eyed dorks are, are people wearing contact lenses and trying to scare people or get attention. When you see a teenager who's an "emo" and he's got his face all painted up and is wearing vampire fangs, you don't actually think he's a freaking vampire, do you? My friend Victor and I wore all black sclera contacts to Walmart and just hung out and stared at people. It was fun seeing some of the reactions we got. Idiots who actually believed we were demons or something sinister.....come on now - that's all that's happening here. If these 'demons' are all over the place and interact with SO many people, where are the videos from cell phones or video cameras? Everyone has a cell phone nowadays....where are the pictures? These people are HOAXTERS. I should know - I AM ONE OF THEM! LOL
—Guest Visara

Black Eyed People

Seriously people? You think they're demons? I know they may seem "evil" or "possesed" but you never know. Some may be, some might not be. We can't call them evil just because of their eyes, come on now.
—Guest Raini


The dropping of nukes has caused extreme shifts in the land of the dead. One faction of the not so recently departed has taken to possessing people. Others can make a pact with some sort of abomination to become material again, but they have to feed it and are not in 100% control of themselves. They feed it and each other by making us terrified and siphoning the adrenaline without us knowing. Yes, sometimes they want to do this to be with the ones they loved, or bffs, but often their loved ones horrified reaction increases their growing contempt for anything "organic".
—Guest anonymous

Black eyed people

Solid black contact lensaes that cover the whole eye are available on the internet. A friend of mine bought them for halloween as part of his costume. Has anyone ever considered this possibiltiy, with these black eyed people?
—Guest Laurie Champion


I think their demons.I've always been a type of person that loved everybody.With an exception for one.And being the type of person I am I'd even believed that not all demons were bad.But reading the stories has seriously got me doubting that.
—Guest illia

Creepy Childhood

I was 13 when my bff died, and a month after the funeral, I saw a girl who looks and acts just like her, but taller with black eyes, noiris, no retina, full BLACK. She said," Aubrey, let's go to your house." and I said "How do you know my name?" and she replied,"It's me, Sam. Let's go!" and I ran in my house, scared.. I locked my door and when i looked out the window, she was right in the window, as if staring into my soul.. I see her every now and then, and when I do, it freaks me the hell out.. What should I do?
—Guest Aubrey

saw one

Her head was starring. At the ground she look. Strange didn't. Say anything or look at me. My wife saw her same time. Demon, witchcraft. Dark stuff. Jesus the only one to protect u God bless
—Guest Mike

saw one

Her head was starring. At the ground she look. Strange didn't. Say anything or look at me. My wife saw her same time. Demon, witchcraft. Dark stuff. Jesus the only one to protect u God bless
—Guest Mike

i got a real photo

this is from a web cam on a dating site http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/692/newbitmapimagefins.png/ she was able to broadcast her presence over a webcam
—Guest tom

Do vampires really exist?

It seems that these BEP's always ask to be let in a home. People who encounter them describe a terrible feeling of dread. They seem to have characteristics of vampires. I myself have never encountered one nor do I want to but I wonder when I read these stories, "do vampires really exist"?

What do you think?

What's your opinion of these stories of black-eyed people?

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