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Readers Respond: What is your opinion of the Phantom Horseman of Cairo video?

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From the article: Phantom Horseman of Cairo
The video appears to show a phantom rider on horseback. Is it a real ghost? Or some kind of bizarre reflection? Tell us what you think.


The video seems to be being shot through w indow looking to the street below. I think the "phantom horseman" is a reflection of an image on a TV or something behind the videographer. Also, when he raises the camera, the image raises on the screen in a matching ratio.
—Guest ghostlady

Apocalyptic vision

One of the horsemen, for sure - one down three to go, and then?
—Guest Gameryo

Too Little Footage

When this video starts, the horse and rider are already in the middle of the screen. I would like to see more time on this video up front to see just when the image appears. Also, they just seem to ride off into the sky at the end. Video is too short to make a fair determination.

A summary

You're welcome to check my blog. I did some logical thinking of my own and found some videos to back me up. http://www.janvdl.com/blog/?p=74
—Guest janvdl

Knight and Horse.

Looks like the ghost of a Crusader and his horse. It would be interesting to find out if any of the people in the street, saw anything.
—Guest Crow.


Maybe it is one of the four horsemen. Just need to watch now for the other three.

Ghost horseman of Egypt

It looks like a reflection. As the camera moves to follow, the image rises with the camera movement.
—Guest Matt

Camera Lens Refraction of Awesome.

It's nice to think that the spirits of ancient Egypt are rising up to support the people, but this is just a lens refraction of the fire burning on screen. It's reflected by the camera lens upside down and left to right perfectly around the center of the screen, and the streetlights also match up perfectly with this refraction. The spirits of Egypt will live on within the hearts of her people, no matter how many ghosts ride through the streets.
—Guest Ryan Gates

I'm no religous theologist...

But it looks like one of the Four Horseman has be unleashed upon the world.
—Guest Uriah

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