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Readers Respond: What do you think of paranormal reality TV shows?

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The paranormal-themed reality TV shows have been around for several years now: Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, etc. What do you think of them? Do you believe them? Do you think they are benefiting paranormal research? What's Your Opinion?

Send us In

My friend Koren and I think that we should go in and investigate a few places ourselves. maybe you could hook us up. you bring the equipment and we'll go anywhere !! In other words, paranormal reality tv shows would be better with us on it !! cuz we rock !
—Guest Jacki n koren

Tries to scare too much

Granted, it's entertainment, and folks like to be scared, but it would be refreshing if they didn't do all that stupid editing trying to scare you as its not really helping progress the subject to level the 'investigators' like to think. If they drop flashes of scary faces or creepy looking ghosts, 'scary' music , screams and all the other post production designed to scare, then the subject might actually be able to gather some more credible rep and serious study. I'm opened minded about it, had a few exp. my self, so some of this just ends up boring and doesn't actually get anywhere. Shows like 'long island medium' are much more interesting. Death happens to us all, it woud be really great if we actually tried to embrace it as a doorway then something to fear. ' when death smiles at you, all you can do is sile back '. Well I think death is a doorway back to our origin, not saying you should. :-) . The UFO shows are another lot. Never really give you something new. Shame , really.
—Guest Ann Opinion

Enjoy the Possibilities

I'm so sick of critics trying to debunk everything while they sit on their couch with the lights on. As far as me trying to enjoy the show and listen / interpret EVPS..It's EXTREMELY difficult to do when I keep hearing mocking statements and giggles from the roommates. I just wish they would keep their mouth shut. I know for a FACT that if any of us were there in that haunted place-- we'd be scared sh*tless. Enjoy the possibilities and quit ruining it for the people who actually like to get a genuine scare from scientific anomaly (Like the thermal imagin) I just feel everyone thinks they're an expert when they have NO idea what these devices are even picking up. So please...enjoy the show or leave the room so I! can enjoy it myself.
—Guest Fritz

paranormal reality shows

I like the shows very much. Some seems a little doctored up, but as for the mostg I think they are real experiences. I have had a lot of paranormal events happen to me so I do believe in the paranormal very much.
—Guest joyce mcvay

Paranormal not Reality

Reality TV is about convincing the audience that what is taking place is real. In the case of paranormal shows, a little logic reveals the tricks. Just ask the questions, you don't need to know the answers. Does the show have producers, camera people, lighting people etc to film it? What are they doing during the investigations? Why do ghosts have to be investigated at night, with eerie green night vision cameras? Ghosts can't comer out during the day? Are these shows edited? You bet! All TV needs to be edited because people make flubs and mistakes. That means, these shows are staged. Ever see "Blair Witch"? Notice the similar techniques. Someone says "OMG, I felt someone pull my hair!" or "I feel SO cold right here!" That's called the power of suggestion. Kids do it to each other all the time! The EVP recordings... do you think maybe someone on the crew might whisper something for the recorder to pick up?
—Guest Edward

Sorry to say wont go away

These type shows are not goIng away anytime soon. Too many morons that want to watch them.
—Guest Sfv

They are for thrills, spills, and chills

Remember folks, it's TV, and TV is about getting the audience to ooh and awe and grab some ratings. I particularly have a beef against Ghost Adventures. The early shows were OK and it seemed like there was a real desire to learn and discover. All the show is now is about how much camera time Zak can get. The show is 1 hour long and by the time he has done all of his silly "me in front of the camera" stuff the show is 45 minutes over with 15 minutes left to show him running around in the dark saying he felt a chill. Shows what happens when to much fame is involved. Fame will never bring us a step closer to any more knowledge of the afterlife.
—Guest Randy

Taking Ghost Research to the Next Level

Maybe the question should be- Are the paranormal reality shows really taking ghost research to the next level? The answer of course would be definitely not- it's a money racket- will the people that believe Jason and Grant unstops toilets during the day please raise your hand. How can you scientifically investigate a field with instruments that "believe" picks up ghost? It's not science, it's entertainment- enjoy it for what it is. give me the old-fashioned ghost stories that "bio" shows and let me be be entertained.

paranormal reality

It's just a sad attempt to get simple minded people that are already too easily controlled by the main stream media ready for the real paranormal activity that will soon be unleashed on the earth as is written in the book of Revelation. A really sad attempt I might add. First of all anyone with half a brain that knows anything about the spirit realm knows that when you die - you are at that moment either sent to where it is that you are going to spend eternity, unless ofcourse you are given a second chance. How do I know this? because I DIED in 1989 and left my Body and was sent immediately to Hell. I did get to linger for about 2 minutes while I tried to figure out what the heck was going on, but ultimately was sent to hell. These paranormal reality shows are for the most part fake and work off our imaginations. The parts that are real are nothing more than familiar spirits taking on the form of people that once lived so that they can manefest themselves
—Guest Gary

Chill! It's merely entertainment.

I often wonder why people develop a seeming "Vendetta" against a TV show. When I'm done wondering then I usually chuckle, shake my head, and if the show that's on my TV is not entertaining me I CHANGE THE FLIPPING CHANNEL!!!

I love the paranormal

I say keep em' coming I love anything paranormal, Cryptozoologicical, UFOs and all. Give me Bigfoot, Ghosts and hauntings or take mt TV. UMM.. No wait just give the other.
—Guest Clay Rodgers

so chezzy

I can't believe that America insults the public with their "chezzy" tv shows i've tried to watch most of them..I think that Ghost stories are for telling partly for the imagination and the excitment...I really don't think i would have been able to snap a picture of the Ghosts next to my bed..In which i had a lot of time to do..just did'nt think about it..with phones able to film videos and instant pictures suprised someone has'nt come up with a real believable picture

All those shows are a joke

People wandering around in the dark . "Did you hear that?" "Something touched me!" What a waste of time.
—Guest Dawn


The team I was on worked with Taps. We worked side by side with them and noticed the infrared person was that of one of the TAPS owners, but they display it on their web site as something supernatural. It is just a fake. I was disappointed when TAPS went from debunking to being total believers. I learned more off the show when they debunked. As for the show now, it's all FAKE.
—Guest MayD

Paranormal Reality TV Shows

As a paranormal investigator and an Empathic Clairvoyant, most of these shows, that I have seen, do pretty good. But, the problem is that many people who experiencing hauntings, don't tell anyone and therefore, no one goes and documents these hauntings or ghostly sightings. It would help if these shows, only showed real hauntings and not the supposed hauntings. People that are afraid of ghost or paranormal activity, often flood the site with their emotions, and it is hard to document a true sighting when so much fear and anxiety is present. I have found that most hauntings are more of a psychic photograph being replayed over and over again, not a true haunting. Patience and an experienced crew can make all the difference in documenting true hauntings. Also, there are many houses and sites that are reported to be haunted and not enough research, in my opinion, is done to document these. There have been many a time, that i have someplace and wished that I had equipment with me.
—Guest DragonWicce

What's Your Opinion?

What do you think of paranormal reality TV shows?

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