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Readers Respond: What do you think of paranormal reality TV shows?

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The paranormal-themed reality TV shows have been around for several years now: Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, etc. What do you think of them? Do you believe them? Do you think they are benefiting paranormal research?

Chill! It's merely entertainment.

I often wonder why people develop a seeming "Vendetta" against a TV show. When I'm done wondering then I usually chuckle, shake my head, and if the show that's on my TV is not entertaining me I CHANGE THE FLIPPING CHANNEL!!!

I love the paranormal

I say keep em' coming I love anything paranormal, Cryptozoologicical, UFOs and all. Give me Bigfoot, Ghosts and hauntings or take mt TV. UMM.. No wait just give the other.
—Guest Clay Rodgers

so chezzy

I can't believe that America insults the public with their "chezzy" tv shows i've tried to watch most of them..I think that Ghost stories are for telling partly for the imagination and the excitment...I really don't think i would have been able to snap a picture of the Ghosts next to my bed..In which i had a lot of time to do..just did'nt think about it..with phones able to film videos and instant pictures suprised someone has'nt come up with a real believable picture

All those shows are a joke

People wandering around in the dark . "Did you hear that?" "Something touched me!" What a waste of time.
—Guest Dawn


The team I was on worked with Taps. We worked side by side with them and noticed the infrared person was that of one of the TAPS owners, but they display it on their web site as something supernatural. It is just a fake. I was disappointed when TAPS went from debunking to being total believers. I learned more off the show when they debunked. As for the show now, it's all FAKE.
—Guest MayD

Paranormal Reality TV Shows

As a paranormal investigator and an Empathic Clairvoyant, most of these shows, that I have seen, do pretty good. But, the problem is that many people who experiencing hauntings, don't tell anyone and therefore, no one goes and documents these hauntings or ghostly sightings. It would help if these shows, only showed real hauntings and not the supposed hauntings. People that are afraid of ghost or paranormal activity, often flood the site with their emotions, and it is hard to document a true sighting when so much fear and anxiety is present. I have found that most hauntings are more of a psychic photograph being replayed over and over again, not a true haunting. Patience and an experienced crew can make all the difference in documenting true hauntings. Also, there are many houses and sites that are reported to be haunted and not enough research, in my opinion, is done to document these. There have been many a time, that i have someplace and wished that I had equipment with me.
—Guest DragonWicce

Depends on the Show

Certain "ghost hunting" shows (forgive me, I can't remember the name) really annoy me. They come in acting all big and bad, shouting and cursing at the spirit to come show themselves. Thats when you know that they aren't there for research, they're there to act rude and make money.
—Guest Dee

I think some are lame

I really like "Ghost Adventures". As for TAPS, they need to remove that show; it went from bad to worse. "Paranormal State" is ok. Let's see what they bring this season.

Some are better than other

I like some paranormal reality shows like "The Haunted" on Animal Planet. I used to watch "Ghost Hunters" every week, but I grew tired of it because I have to wonder how much of the evidence is real and how much was fabricated.
—Guest Kari

I like to watch them!

I have been on ghost hunts myself and find the shows where the "investigators" run away or scream when anything happens to be irritating. If they were there for a proper investigation, they would be running toward the happenings and not screaming at the least noise. At least "Ghost Hunters," which I find to be a bit "samey," head toward the phenomena and don't tend to scream their heads off at the least noise.
—Guest Andy


My favorites are Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State. Something in me tells me that they are sincere in what they are saying, but I'm also realistic enough to take it all with a grain of salt. TAPS and Most Haunted always seemed hokey to me and I've seen evidence on YouTube and such that they've staged certain things. I really think that these shows should be forced to have a disclaimer if they are staging things (and somebody enforcing that rule).

I don't know

How come we never see anything but the same noise and that's open to interpretation?
—Guest Doris

Few Real Shows

My favorite is GHOST ADVENTURES,I use to watch the SYFY channel's Ghost Hunters but it was the same stuff time after time,BORING!Zac and the guys on Ghost Adventures are always doing something,never bored with this show.

Love 'Em

I love them with Most Haunted being my favourite and first to follow religiously. At least some are taking the time to investigate whatever it is that is causing these disturbances, whether it be scientific or spiritual. Finally the stigma and cynicism is shifting to a minimal extent anyway. More, I say! Bring them on. I am not brave enough to do it so I am glad someone else is!

Probably commonplace

This isn't limited to ghost themed paranormal television shows. The show MysteryQuest on the History Channel was caught staging evidence too, for an episode about a UFO crash. http://histmyst.blogspot.com/2010/01/staging-evidence-for-ratings.html I don't know how many paranormal themed shows may stage evidence of ratings, but I wouldn't surprised to find out that it is common among those shows. Despite being interested in paranormal topics, I rarely watch paranormal theme reality shows. The only one I watch regularly is Destination Truth, and I mostly watch that just because it's like watching a young crew of researchers go on an adventure vacation...almost like a real life Indiana Jones. I enjoy it, but I don't expect any great revelations from it.
—Guest Jeff

Strictly entertainment

Frankly, it's irritating to watch them jump and say "what was that?" every few minutes. I grew tired of those shows long ago. Benefiting paranormal research? Not by a long shot. Make the field look like a bunch of clowns with video recorders. Pity. If I want to learn anything, I'll stick with books by reputable authors.

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