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Readers Respond: What is your opinion or analysis of the Wheelchair Ghost picture?

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From the article: Wheelchair Ghost
An employee at an assisted living facility took this picture in the basement after seeing something from the corner of her eye. She said the apparition remained visible to her as she took the photo. What do you think of it? Share your opinion

OK why do we see the dead...

...as they were in life? Maybe because there are no ghost just the overactive imagination of the living. This is as fake as it gets.
—Guest Frank

Wheelchair Ghost

This is completely fake! It's an old black and white picture photoshopped into a plain picture of the ward. No disrespect but it's not even a good fake..!

I Believe Paranormal stuffs

A bald creepy man is for sure a relative of the quadriplegic aunt. Though most of the people claimed 2 hav dis snap a fake but I dont,, its real isn't it??
—Guest Nick Bal 8


I wouldn't want to work down there alone that's for sure.
—Guest Cindy

Nope, not even close

Time exposure. On a c-phone, a "time exposure" just means your camera shutter was clicking slower than the object was moving. In low light (inside, for example) this isn't uncommon. Think of how many photos you've ruined in low light because someone moved. Same thing here. Please. Let's not put these photos out as real ghosts, okay?
—Guest Deerie

wheelchair ghost

don't know if it's real but it sure is cool looking.
—Guest deeck

ghost in wheelchair

I don't know if this is an actual ghost picture or faked, but what I see is a man pushing a wheelchair and an old lady sitting in the chair. The legs of the man and the wheels of the chair are not visible, they seem to sink into the floor, which is why it looks out of proportion. The face of the man is certainly creepy looking - almost like a skeleton! I'm sure a picture like this could be faked so I won't say for sure that it's real.
—Guest surreygirl64


I do not think this picture is real. It looks over exposedto me.
—Guest Alexis Hall

nice pic

i think it's a photo of a guy sitting with his legs crossed on his lap on an old scooter. If he was pushing someone he would be standing taller and the person's head would be higher. If you compare how high his head is to the things lined up along side the wall he is too short to be standing and pushing someone. I have seen photos of people in indian and foreign countries who don't have legs or have misshapened legs ride around on homemade scooters made of boards with wheels attached. If this is an apparition of someone from a long time ago they may have had an old type portable thing that isn't like our wheelchairs of today so it might've been lowered to the ground beause it was more like a chair with wheels and not a "modern" wheelchair" of today that rides higher. No matter what it is still a cool picture.
—Guest april

Wheelchair Ghost Picture

Personally, I seem to always want to believe these pictures, since I absolutely do believe in the paranormal; this picture, however, I do not believe because of the ghosted structure to the right of the ghost man. It looks like a half-wall or some other structure beside the image, which is also a ghost. While I could believe the man and perhaps someone sitting in the chair, I do not believe that part of a wall is a ghost as well. I am not sure what that is actually, but it doesn't look authentic to me.
—Guest Roberto Nieves

wheelchair picture

I think this picture is a fake, probably not intentional, double exposed perhaps. We need to know what is in the basement of this facility. If patient rooms are there WHERE are the handrails along both sides of the walls, why no call lights over each door? What are the items piled up against one wall ? This is against the fire code. Good picture but I don't think it is a real ghost. I will say places like this have all kinds of weird things happen, but this is just my opinion on the picture.

Hallway Ghost

It's tough to say anymore with the kinds of cameras available that this is an actual ghost. What is eerie about this pic is that the figures are distorted somewhat and the photo was taken in full light. It's a mystery to me and might be a genuine ghost snap.
—Guest nestedgrid


It gave me the chills.. I do hope the poor man is not trapped in that place forever...
—Guest Rodger Dodger

Ghostly wheelchair

Do ghosts cast shadows? This image clearly shows one.
—Guest Cherie L.

Wheelchair Ghost

Yes, two people in photo. I see it. Sure hope the caretaker gets a raise. That's what I call a dedicated employee.
—Guest gaboo

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What is your opinion or analysis of the Wheelchair Ghost picture?

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