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Readers Respond: What's your explanation for the image of the boy in this photo?

Responses: 64


From the article: Ghost Boy in the Bathroom
Melissa says the photo has not been altered in any way. What do you think? Is this a picture of a genuine ghost? Share Your Opinion

That's Michael Jackson

Or rather, its a copy of a photo taken in the days when he had an affro and manipulated.
—Guest Moiraesfate

Another Ghost

I see another person on the lower right hand side, seems like a child holding a balloon?
—Guest Snorliz


Well..as to say that it is from the 80s it possibly could be manipulated. But i highly doubt that. It kind of looks like a young boy from the late 1800s the the early 1900s. I dont know for sure but this photo seems very original!!
—Guest A.R.

lori ann

I'm seeing something totally different. I see perhaps a boy, but not with big hair. I see an old time farm hat on the figures head slightly tilted to it's right side. It's halloween, maybe it was part of it's costume or from that era. For myself, I've ruled out reflection. First of all, there is no camera, so it's not mom. Second, in the image, the girls mouths are open, and in the ghost image, the mouth is closed. I totally believe in spirits, but I can be quit critical when it comes to proving it. I believe this photo is authentic and shows a true image of a third party wanting to be a part of the festivities. If it spooks you, do what I do, give the spirit a name, and whenever something goes wrong, blame it on him/her. :)
—Guest lori ann

ghost boy in bathroom

cant see it, and the pic isnt clear enough, and why is there a haze over the girl in the back of the photo?
—Guest frank c

True ghost or a fake ghost?

As i 've said it before, true ghost or a fake ghost, you'll be able to tell, one thing! for sure, ghost dosen't like to hang around in the broadday light, ghost is just like we, the same as we human, during in the day time, they are not so active, & during in the night time, they are the most active one, all the living ghost, spirit, or soul, around the world is the same, they can't even stay much longest in the day time, & which the picture you see now is taken by with a bright flash light on it, & ghost is not so stupid standing right in front of a camara to take a picture with a " FLASH LIGHT " on, to made a point out of that, thank you.
—Guest James


The "boy" looks like Michael Jackson. Definitely not looking down, eyes not closed.
—Guest Aundria

The Cure

looks very mych like Robert Smith of The Cure to me. This was 1989, and I had a Cure poster on my bedroom wall that has a very similar image of Robert, from The Head On The Door album.
—Guest rogue1

Totally 80's

That ghost has bigger hair than you two! Other than that it looks fake.
—Guest mzfilo55

He looks like my son

Yea, this looks real, especially because he looks just like my son... and I always get the young Michael Jackson.
—Guest nyla

Real Boy Ghost

It's so real... he looks like my son!! And I always say he's been here before lol !!
—Guest nyla

Obviously her Shadow

Look at the girl in the denim jacket, then the "ghost". They are exactly the same shape, but the figure seems a little taller and wider, like what happens to a shadow cast on a wall. If you look towards the shower, you can see the rest of the girls shadow. The "face" looks like a towel on a hook or an old lotion bottle. If there were a light in the direction the girl in the jacket is looking, it would make a shadow the right size and shape.
—Guest Libby

Double Exposure

It's a double exposure. The hair and outline of the "boy" in the photo are not behind the girl with the red hair. If you look closely you can see that the outline of the figure actually overlaps the girl's red hair and isn't a part of that frame at all.
—Guest Tanner Rutledge

You've got to be kidding??

LOL, this is nothing more than an item sitting on a shelf or something, maybe a round vase, but it's NOT a ghost:) Come on, folks, are we grasping for straws now or what?


YES IT IS A BOY THERE AND I BELEVE THat it could be a ghost
—Guest star

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What's your explanation for the image of the boy in this photo?

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