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Readers Respond: What's your opinion of the Picton ghost photo?

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Clone Stamp

I'm a photographer and this looks like something done with the "clone stamp" tool on Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It does exactly as the name implies, copies an element in the photo to another area in the same photo. You click on the area you want to clone. Then move your cursor to a new area in the photo and use the brush to reproduce the element. It has a tendency to create that very harsh line like we see on the one child. It's very easy to do. You can even vary the level of transparency creating a more ethereal appearance or make it completely opaque. It's fairly hard to detect unless you are really looking for it and blow up the picture fairly large and look at the actual pixels.
—Guest Beth

Probably not ghosts

The child on the right walks behind a gravestone, therefore the sharp cut-off. He is sufficiently different to the one on the left, probably brothers walking with an adult (as you pointed out) through the cemetery, may be even on a ghost-hunt themselves?

I was saying the same...

I was pointing out some of the same things you did. The children looking like duplicates and the right child having a straight left edge to him. It looks like a sloppy photoshopped pic to me.
—Guest TomStewart


How you ruled out the possibility that it could be twins? Or even twin ghosts? Interesting photos...

Its a fake...

I'm not a professional graphics designer but even I can tell that this is got to be a "photohsopped" picture. The reason that the author brings up builds a very strong case for a fake mpicture more than it being ghost kids...
—Guest KatsuKaze

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