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Readers Respond: Report your mummy sighting

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From the article: Mummy Sightings?
Have you seen a mummy skulking about? (And please, no lame jokes about your mummy and daddy.) Tell us about it. Or tell us about any other bizarre creature you've seen.

Mummies, or ragged zombies?

I know people who have claimed to see zombies, and there are too many zombie sighting stories around to mention, but really, what would the difference between a zombie and a mummy be, other than rags and cloths?
—Guest Renn


Nice that you gave a summary of the top 10 books. Saves the rest of us who don't spend much time in the field, money and time looking for the best books. I might get a few of them. I think the last one I read was "Night Siege" back in the late '90s. Feel like a few spooky books. Although I'm much more of a skeptical person than most.
—Guest Scott


I saw a mummy yesterday on scooby doo. It had a towel wrapped around its bony head. It smelled terrible.
—Guest ted mcjohnson

mummy stories

when i was a small child i was playing in our front yard. we lived on a hill and the yard had a picket fence and a rock retainer wall that held up the whole yard. the highest point of the rock wall was 16 foot and the lowest was only a few feet. well it was around dusk and our dog barked and ran to the fence where the rock wall was only about 10 ft.. i looked and all i saw was a arm going down as if falling from the wall, the arm was covered in rags! it looked like it was wrapped up.. i ran in the house and told my mom.. she went out to look but whatever or who ever was there, was now gone.. weeks later my mom passed the kitchen window (which faced the front yard) and she doubled back.. because there in the yard she saw a whole person covered in rags. but as she went back to the window, it was gone. she drew a picture of it, and it looked like a mummy. the next day the pic dissapeared. we never seen it again. i got more but running out of space here. we called it the raggity man..
—Guest just me

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