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Readers Respond: Tell us about your sighting of the real Santa Claus

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From the article: Santa Claus Sightings
Over the years, children and adults alike have reported their sightings of what they believe to be the real Santa Claus. Have you seen him, too? Tell us your true story. Share your story

I saw him

So It Was Christmas Eve.Me and my brother could not go to sleep because we'll it was almost Christmas.At about midnight We went to see if Santa had came. But we didn't go.we heard thumping on the roof and bells. We peeked out and the fire in the fireplace went out .A golden light was swirling around the tree and santa just appeared out of no where!!! He pulled a bunch of stuff out of his bag drank the milk and cookies and was gone! And to this day I still believe
—Guest Santabeliver

I saw Santa!

It could have been the year 1996.I was 6 years old and my sister was 3.It was on Christmas eve.It was a full moon and the moon shone brightly.My dad took out his telescope to amuse us.He was trying to focus the telescope onto the moon and my sister and I were waiting patiently.Suddenly I heard the beautiful sound of Sleigh Bells.First I thought it was one of the neighbours but then I looked back up at the moon and saw a shadow of Santa in his sleigh and all nine reindeer.I saw Rudolph's glowing red nose.I said to my sister "there's Father Christmas".He even waved at us.We watched him as he flew out of sight then we ran into the house to tell our mom.To this day,she claims that she did hear the sleigh bells! My sister and I went to bed immediatly.I don't think my parents saw us jump into bed so Quickly! I can still picture that scene.It's a christmas eve I will never forget!
—Guest Nicole


hi guys, now i dont lie i promise. but i saw santa in my kitchen. it was about 3 in the morning, and i went downstairs to check for presents in my sittingroom [ like all kids do ] so i went into my sittingroom and there were no presents so i was going to go into the kitchen but i said there is no point cause they wont be in there but i went up the stairs and the kitchen door opened and i looked and i seen red clothes i ran up the stairs and he opened our front door and whistled and said here commet when i woke up that morning there were carrots in the yard and footprints in the hall and shinny dust in the chimmney all in the spot i seen him!!! plz keep beleving guys i was 8 then bye i might have a youtube acount sometime in the future oh and my friend slept over too.
—Guest jj / zexy zek

I saw and heard santa!

One Christmas Eve me and my brother were in bed we couldn't fall asleep because we were way too excited for Christmas we went in the living room to see what we had gotten we didn't see anything when we checked that everyone was asleep we went to check again I heard thumping on the roof I saw a golden light swirling around the tree we went back to bed and I heard a HO HO HO! I checked the window and saw a red sleigh pulled by nine reindeer one with a red nose and a figure with a red suit on when I checked the tree again there were presents under there we quickly went back to bed. I will always believe!
—Guest Anonymous

Proof He is Real!

This isn't a sighting but I heard him! So I think this was christmas 2008 so I was 8, it was about 4:00 in the morning and I was wide awake trying to see Santa but I must've woke up too late because I started to hear something downstairs, it was something sliding across the floor which I later found out was a barbecue. I was too scared to get up so I stayed in bed but I definitely heard him.
—Guest Christmas

I Heard Santa

So last year when I was 13 I had knee surgery right around Christmas and I would wake up in the middle of the night because of pain, and it just so happened that I woke up on Christmas Eve because of the pain. When I woke up and every thing started to come into focus I started hearing rustling and humming downstairs, I knew it wasn't my parents because dad was sleeping with me incase I had a lot of pain and mom was sleeping with my sister. I also heard bells moving away from the house a few minutes later. So I think it was Santa.
—Guest Blue Jays


Well it was 12:44 P.M. and I couldn't go to sleep. So I went downstairs to see if santa came and he didn't, I looked outside in the sky and there he was. Nine Reindeer and one with a glowing light on the tip of it's nose. And I saw a beard wipping in the wind and a red suit with a black buckle hooked around the suit. I quickly ran back upstairs and jumped in my bed and fell asleep quickly.
—Guest Gaige

I saw him!

I was probably 8 years old... we just finished our Christmas eve dinner, my family was going to their car to get our presents from them. When everyone was back inside we were going to open their presents. We suddenly heard a very loud noise and went outside to see what it was! We looked on the front porch and saw 2 big presents. They were for my cousins that were at my house. We looked up and saw Santa and his reindeer and sleigh! He was so high up in the sky so it was hard to see him! We saw a little red light at the front of his sleigh so we knew it was Rudolph! We looked around and all the parents were inside! He flew away very fast and he said Merry Christmas! It was amazing and we will never forget it!
—Guest Sophia

I saw father christmas

When i was about 8 years old i saw Father Christmas. I am 27 now with children of my own. We lived in an outer suburb of Perth WA on about an acre, its summer in Australia and it was Xmas Eve. My bed was lined up against the large window and I sat looking out into the sky. rfom my window I could see our fence with a few bushes in front and behind the fence on the neighbours yard was a large dead tree trunk that Doves use to nest in. The moon was bright that night but i dont recall if it was full moon. Suddenly from the left i saw father xmas on a sleigh he moved from left to right behind the old dead tree and up over our house, but he didnt land. I believe that he was a spirit as he a had a whitish bluish glow and was kind of see through as were the reindeers and sleigh. I will never forget that experience and have told my children about my sighting, so kids believe in Santa!! As a child i believe you are able to see these beautiful beings, childhood is a blessing, so enjoy it!
—Guest loz85

2011 Sighting in Rotherham, Uk

To start it all, Im 10 and it was Christmas eve. I was there with my 9 month old niece, In bed till i heard my neice cry so I picked her up and carried her into my room. I looked at the time and it was 2.am and being very smart my niece raised her arm to the window. I saw a bright light shining towards my house.I rushed to the bottom of the stairs opened the stairs door slightly and there he was!!! Putting my neices presents down and mine down it was amazing! In the morning i talked to my next door neighbours house and they said a bright red light woke them up aswell and i rang all my friends, cousins and all and all of them woke in the night to see a bright light in the sky. Ps. My sister is 23.
—Guest Abi..:D

Santa & reindeer on roof

On Christmas Eve in 1982 my husband and I were assembling toys until late. It was around midnight when we were finally done setting everything up. We were sitting on the couch when I heard a sound like hooves on the roof and then I heard the most beautiful bells I have ever heard - sounded like crystal. I looked over at my husband to tell him and he said, "Did you hear that?" I said yes as we both jumped up to run outside. Whatever it was was gone. We lived in the mountains and did not have any close neighbors and we did not have a t.v. or radio on that night. It had also lightly snowed that night and there were no tracks of any kind leading up to our house. The next day my 4 yr. old daughter told me that she and her 2 yr. old brother had also heard Santa. Not only that but she said they both saw the sleigh/reindeers leaving our roof and watched them fly away into the distance. Their bedrooms were on the second story and they had large dormer windows to look out of.
—Guest Dell

i have seen one of santas elves

I was at my grandmas house and my sister and grandma were in her room- so i was in the kitchen by myself getting a snack.......... i looked out her big windows and their it was!!!
—Guest lexie

Santa in the the sky I Cartersville, GA

When I was 8 I was riding home from my grandparents house with my mom, grandma, 4 year old brother, and 1 year old sister (grandparents sleep at our house on Christmas). My grandpa and uncle aren't riding with us because they're sneaking presents in my dad's truck. We driving by a lonely McDonalds and we see something dashing through the clouds. We could all make out Santa's sleigh and 9 reindeer including Rudolph's nose. I had a pair of binoculars and I actually saw him in detail. He ended up dissapearing in the clouds after that. The next year I spotted him again when driving by a field. You could see a giant neighborhood up ahead, he swooped down with Ruldoloph's red nose leading the way. He was there for 10 seconds and he flew back up. None of our cameras could get a decent pic of him. I'm 16 now and Its silly to believe in Santa, but with these memories how can I not believe? It was so real, and my Mom can't even deny it.
—Guest Ryan Byrnes

newcastle red light

It was 3:00 a.m. and I could not get any sleep with Bobby crying, but then I looked out my flat window and saw flying reindeer and a red thing attached to it, so I got my son Bobby and went outside and started to shout ho-ho-ho.
—Guest Cheryl Barkas

i saw santa for real

I am 9 yrs old.One night at 3oclock i herd footsteps like big foot.I was scared i peed in my pajamas alittle.Then i herd someone going down our chimmney.i walked to the living room quietly.And i saw the real santa.He looked chubby and alittle tall.He was american and white xD.So i said Ooooo ahhhhh! so ya bye ! wheres my c00kie$?
—Guest Guest David

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