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Readers Respond: Tell us about your sighting of the real Santa Claus

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From the article: Santa Claus Sightings
Over the years, children and adults alike have reported their sightings of what they believe to be the real Santa Claus. Have you seen him, too? Tell us your true story.

An amazing sight

It was Christmas night, we had been put to bed, and I was laying, trying to go to sleep. As I tried, I grew curious if Santa had came or not. I checked, and no he had not. I went to my mom's room to wish her a merry Christmas and say I love you. I went back to bed. After 5 minutes, I checked again. WOW! I saw many presents, the cookies gone, and a note! I grew excited and went to go tell my mom. As I went in there, she was in the same exact position, and playing on her phone just as she was 5 minutes ago. I was puzzled because I heard no knocking, no footsteps, nothing. To this day I still believe in Santa. I love Santa. I love Christmas. I love the memories. Thanks for reading! This is 100% true. I will believe in Santa until the day I die.

Ummmm this is weird

so every second year we go up to mount gambier and stay there for Christmas with my nanna and poppa who live there. They have gravel that is basically impossible to move and have heaps of pot plants out the front. Every Christmas morning the will be 2 lines from the sleigh and the reindeers will have weed all over the pot plants. When we don't go to mount gambier we stay home in adelaide and what will happen is the reindeer will pop in the concrete and then the sleigh will skid on it and it takes FOREVER to clean
—Guest Guest bell

For You Non Believers

ok hears the deal for you non believers. The reason why you haven't seen anything is because you don't make an effort to believe. If you make an effort in your heart then it is possible to see him.
—Guest Guest just believe


Every year since I've been about 5 (I now 12) I've gone outside at about 5:00 and have heard bells then ho ho ho merry Christmas. Sometimes I see a red line going through the sky. Always believe no matter what any one says. P.s. It is impossible for your parents to be Santa because when would they find the time to get all those presents for you and also how would all these people have similar stories
—Guest Guest always believe

It was right outside!

I was 9 when this happened and I'm 12 now and I still believe in Santa. Anyway it was about 12:00 when I started hearing light jingley noises. I then got chilles down my spine. I then heard "ho ho ho" and then I heard someone in my house (I have a one story house without a chimney.) The person inside was stomping around and my dogs usually bark at even the smallest sound but they didn't they just stayed asleep. I then heard the jingling again and looked outside and I then saw a sleigh being pulled by 9 reindeers and the first one had a red light on its nose. I then saw Santa go into the next house. From that day on I have always believed in Santa no matter what people say.
—Guest Guest anonymous

Santa's shadow

It was either one or two years ago, keep in mind that im almost twelve. It was around 11:30 or so. I was counting to 100 to keep my mind busy since I couldn't go to sleep. I all the sudden heard something fall or land on our house. I heard bells a few seconds later and footsteps. I got up out of bed slowly and went into the hallway. I stopped 2/4 of the way there because I saw a big shadow that looked exactly like Santa. I went back to bed. I fell asleep a few minutes later and woke to a snowfilled - morning. That's my story
—Guest Sydni


I saw a potato in the chimney with a little red hat and a little suit and then I knew it was Santa.
—Guest Banana

I Saw Santa

So this happened last year and last year we had a ton of snow. But even though we had maybe 4 feet of snow on the ground it was snowing from about 12:00 on Christmas Eve right through he night until the next morning. Anyways it was about 3:00am and I had woken up to go to the bathroom, when I was finished I wanted to go down to the Christmas tree to see if Santa had came and just as I walked into the living room I started hearing bells so I tried to find a good spot to hide and when the bells stopped a plump man appeared in my living room and all of a sudden I fell asleep and woke up at 6am in my bed.
—Guest Christmas

Santa sighting

When I was like 17 I was at the carlsbad mall in California there was a Santa claus who I never met before or never seen so I checked on my iPhone and I checked where Santa is then it said he was in California in carlsbad in November then I went and saw him and I ask him if he remembers me then he said of course i

Santa Sighting

Ok so this happened last year. It was about 5am and we already had a ton of snow but it started snowing on christmas night and didnt stop until the next morning. Anyways so it was about 5 am and i woke up because i thought i heard something downstairs so i got up to see what it was, and when i walked down i caught a glipse of santa underneath the tree. I ran back to my room and looked out the window and i saw the most beautiful sleigh flying through the sky. It made it even more awesome that it was snowing so it was a perfect night.
—Guest Christmas

Me Santa Story! !

It was like 1 in the morning and I was like "MUST SLEEP"!!! but I couldnt fail my subscribers on youtube so, I looked out me door. And tippy-toed to me tree thing. And feel asleep in the pile of presents underneth the tree. Then when I woke up I got a note from santa sticked on my head saying "nice try, better luck next year-santa" HeHe lol
—Guest CrimCrim^w^

i seen santa then triped

sunday night at 1 a.m I heard footsteps so I went outside.all I seen was a man with a red suit.he went to angelenas house and ding dong ditched her house.he ran and a gold flash ,then I herd HO!HO!HO!sydnie! I got so freaked out. so I ran in my house and triped over my cat.then I herd AWWW.in a deep voise.so I looked up and seen santa and 9 raindeer 1 had a red nose.I promise im not a liyer.so, this is when I seen santa.
—Guest sydnie

I almost saw him

So I was ten now eleven still believe. So it was Christmas Eve eve and on the real Xmas eve I had to go to my moms so dad told santa to come early well I woke up to scratching on the roof I heard a small Ching Ching but then I heard shuffling in the other room I looked in my dad's room and there was my dad fast asleap my dog was in her kennel and Scotty was in my room on my bed and my lil sis was on top bunk I peaked out and then the next thing I know is I saw a golden sprinkle and then I was out like a fire
—Guest Ice wolf

santa opened the door

It was christmas eve night so everyone was sleep so I heard a key come in the door it opened I was so scared that i kept yelling me brothers name Dominic I repeat it 5 times and the door shut or maybe he came inside because after that I fell asleep and my brother never woke when I called his name I am 10 and I still believe in santa
—Guest angelena

Im 15 and still belive because..

So, it was a night on Christmas eve back in 2011, right? Okay- so i was having problems sleeping. Mainly because of paranoia and that Christmas was in the morning. I was awake staring at my ceiling thinking about what presents i would get. I check my phone to see what time it was, and it was 11:30/11:40PM... around midnight. I turn my phone off and gaze at the ceiling again. Out of no where i hear this banging on the roof. I was downstairs and my bro and sis were upstairs. I thought that one of them woke up and was walking around... but that is most-definitely NOT what foot steps would sound like. They sounded like hoofed steps. Immediately after, i thought: "It's the Jersey Devil! is out to get me!" (i did the chant and was scared okay?) But then I heard bells! If you get a pair of keys and jingle them around lightly... that's exactly what it sounded like! I know it wasn't my parents because they were asleep. After i heard those things i got scared and hid under my blankets!

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