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Readers Respond: Tell us about your sighting of the real Santa Claus

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From the article: Santa Claus Sightings
Over the years, children and adults alike have reported their sightings of what they believe to be the real Santa Claus. Have you seen him, too? Tell us your true story. Share your story

I saw and heard santa!

One Christmas Eve me and my brother were in bed we couldn't fall asleep because we were way too excited for Christmas we went in the living room to see what we had gotten we didn't see anything when we checked that everyone was asleep we went to check again I heard thumping on the roof I saw a golden light swirling around the tree we went back to bed and I heard a HO HO HO! I checked the window and saw a red sleigh pulled by nine reindeer one with a red nose and a figure with a red suit on when I checked the tree again there were presents under there we quickly went back to bed. I will always believe!
—Guest Anonymous

Proof He is Real!

This isn't a sighting but I heard him! So I think this was christmas 2008 so I was 8, it was about 4:00 in the morning and I was wide awake trying to see Santa but I must've woke up too late because I started to hear something downstairs, it was something sliding across the floor which I later found out was a barbecue. I was too scared to get up so I stayed in bed but I definitely heard him.
—Guest Christmas

I Heard Santa

So last year when I was 13 I had knee surgery right around Christmas and I would wake up in the middle of the night because of pain, and it just so happened that I woke up on Christmas Eve because of the pain. When I woke up and every thing started to come into focus I started hearing rustling and humming downstairs, I knew it wasn't my parents because dad was sleeping with me incase I had a lot of pain and mom was sleeping with my sister. I also heard bells moving away from the house a few minutes later. So I think it was Santa.
—Guest Blue Jays


Well it was 12:44 P.M. and I couldn't go to sleep. So I went downstairs to see if santa came and he didn't, I looked outside in the sky and there he was. Nine Reindeer and one with a glowing light on the tip of it's nose. And I saw a beard wipping in the wind and a red suit with a black buckle hooked around the suit. I quickly ran back upstairs and jumped in my bed and fell asleep quickly.
—Guest Gaige

Christmas Eve 1995 or 1996

On Christmas Eve 1995 or 1996 at 8:30 PM, my former babysitter Milly McCallops (Now 22 years old as of 2014) aged 4 years old or 5 had a very particular story she shared with me when she was watching me. She was sitting sweaty in her bedroom and peeked out the window. To this day on, she claims she absolutely saw Kris Kringle's silhouette and a black outline of his giant, plump belly, a super enormous, glossy, shiny, sparkly, glassy, silvery red metal sleigh pulled by 9 flying reindeers (including Rudolph). Rudolph had a bright red flashing like a lite candle. And Fathee Christmas was carrying a glowing lantern.
—Guest Guest Santa Believer

Santa Sighting Christmas 2005

Christmas Eve 2005 my family and I had just came home from church around 9:30 and we were putting the carrots outside and setting up the milk and cookies for Santa when my sister and me heard faint sleigh bells in the distance so we headed to bed. At about 4:30 I woke up hearing faint sleigh bells again only this time they kept getting louder and louder until finally I heard thumps on the roof. 2-3 minutes later I heard humming downstairs in the living room so I snuck down and peeked around the corner and saw him plain as day. I was amazed at what I was seeing so much to the point that I gasped and he turned around tapped his nose and was gone as quick as that! I will never forget that night
—Guest Hockey

At 9:30 PM

My name is T.J. Fritzle Eggortohts. I have never seen Saint Nick in my life. But I know a girl named Alyssa Jean Baker who has one particular sightings and I'm here online to share it to everybody. She was 8–years–old. It was a white Christmas. The time was as late as 9:30 PM night. Alyssa or AJ as I call here was in her living room and she looked out her window. She rumored me how she saw something shaped as a really really big and incredibly huge, glossy, shiny crystal red sleigh pulled each by 8 flying reindeers and a silhouette of a fat, stubby, jolly old Kris Kringle and heard a thunderous Ho Ho Ho Ho booming from outside.
—Guest Thomas Josef Fritzle (TJ) Eggortohts

A call from the North Pole

I'm 12–years–old. I believe in Santa, elves, tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny. My names is J.T. Bobert Willis–Collins. On ChristmasEve, someone got a call from a man in the North Pole that he was sending a backup in case he didn't make it on time for the opening of presents. But she wouldn't gave anyone the number.
—Guest Santa believer W.

i heard him

Well idk if this story got published but wheni was young im 17 now i heard thudding and bells that was 7or more years ago
—Guest jake

santa driving a old car

Me my brother and my mom were driving home we live in the mountains anyway we saw santa driving a really old car and we waved he kept his eyes on the road haven't seen him since beside another time haven't seen him since this xmas 2014 im going to catch him
—Guest jacob b

my moms friend saw him

A long time ago I was 10 or 11 idk im 17 now but when I was asleep my moms friend said he saw a big fat butt in front of him I still remember it today
—Guest jacob b


When I was a kid im 17 now I heard thumping on the roof I said to my sister kate did you hear that she said it was santa I was to scared to go down stairs the next morning I saw about 20 presents the next morning this Christmas im going to stay.up till 1:00 to catch santa
—Guest jacob b

Bright lights.

On Christmas Eve, I went to my Aunts house. And it was some what dark out so I looked in the sky it was some bright lights.Then on y way back to my house I saw it the whole way back to my house.It was exiting then when I finally got home my Mom tucked me in and kissed me on he forehead and said...Go to bed and you'll maybe see him.I was just so exited to see if I could see him in person.But...unfortunately I didn't but I still saw that bright light and that was enough for me.I am 8 years old and this is my only sighting of Santa Clause.
—Guest Maddie


I swear I heard a loud "HoHoHo!" And after that I heard "cookies!" So I fell back asleep like nothing happened. I am 11 and I still believe in Santa claus!
—Guest cookie


When it was 2012, I was 8 years old and it was Christmas.I couldn't have go to sleep when my parens were asleep I went downstairs then I looked out the window and I saw Santa with his rain deer with a red nose and it was midnight
—Guest Michael

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