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Readers Respond: Is the Ouija board a harmless toy or dangerous portal?

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Ouija Boards & Spirit Photos

In my book, "7 Steps to Heaven,How to Communicate with your Departed Loved Ones," there are photos that show negative spirit manifestations while using a Ouija Board! The book also has other spirit photos as well. - www.JoyceKeller.com
—Guest Joyce Keller


when I was alittle girl my sister who was 16 and I one summer were bored and wanted something fun to do. So she wanted to go buy a Ouija board. Our parents didn't know. When we asked it questions it finally started to move. It darted around very rapidly. So much so, she asked me if I was pushing it. And I said no and told her I was wondering if she had. She wasn't either. We both barely had our hands on the plachette. She asked finally the question when she would die? And it told her 51 yrs. old. Than the plachette lifted off the board several inches into mid air... We were so scared we jumped up screaming. And she was so upset with the age it had said. She went into the living room where we had been and picked up the board and threw it.. it scared us so bad. We didn't throw it out. But we never used it again. It went into our hall closet near our rooms. I could hardly walk past the closet I was so scared. Finally our parents got rid of it. But she died of skin cancer at 51 exactly.
—Guest ghostwatch

Ouija Boards

For most of the stories I've learned about and had personal experience with, Ouija boards represent a portal to demonic energies. Very few stories with the Ouija have ever had any benevolent effectiveness. Instead, it is a gate to allow energies of evil to manifest themselves in otherwise ordinary circumstances. However these demons cannot harm the people using them, usually. If anyone doesn't believe this, use one and find out.

Scared of your own shadow, stay away

Most people are traapped in the dominant paradigm ie chrstianity which makes everything evil or fearful. if you are on that ilk, please stay away from the occult. Read your bible, forget science and mostly forget the occult. Spirits are psychoreactive, they react to what they think you want, since most people are cowards, scared of everything because of the montheistic faiths, they reflect that fear back to you. Treat them with warmth, you get that back. The board is a prop a device. Of all the people I have worked with that have had problems have had an internal fear, a belief that the occult is bad, It isnt, at least for people that understand it. As I said before, if you are christian stay away from the occult, it isnt for you.
—Guest Samwisw

ouija boards

they are very dangerous.i have seen wiith my own eye a boy possessed by something that came from the board.he lifted the corner of a waterbed.now that take super humane strenght.and hes was never quite right after that night.And one night a bunch of us were in our fav hide out in a barn and we had a board playing asking stupid question,we began hearing noise coming from all around us.we all got scared and decieded to call it a night.when we got up the next morning the barn down the road had burned to the ground.and no no one had been smoking in there.
—Guest beeergirl

Ouija boards are just props

The Ouija board trivializes something serious and powerful--contacting souls without bodies. There really is someone "out there." If we trusted our intuition more, we would not need props like the Ouija board. If you must use the board, always ask aloud for protection. Just do it. And if you have stories about using the ourja board or seances, I am writing a book about a different way of contacting the dead--for healing and resolution. Please get in touch with me via my website, www.greenstoneofhealing.com. Thanks

just be confident !!

ouija board , merely a game is not harmful in its own ..... people are not aware of themselves and have no confidence in their inner strength and beliefs........ by my experience the more we are scared during an quija session .... more we attract the bad! so, being arrogant on our own powers and god's grace.... if we hold a session.... banishes away the bad spirits from us. at the same time good spirits get attracted to us....... so, just be confident and totally fearless in performing ouija , then, even the bad get banished!
—Guest RICK

Fearfully yours

I went ahead and read through all the posts and oh my some are really fearful like the all caps of terror and control over other people's minds and decisions. The world can be a dangerous place--it's all in what you choose to make it. is there more than what we can see out there? of course there is and it is always a reflection of what you, the individual are projecting, so if you desire to scare yourself go scare yourself silly and if you desire to get knowledgeable then go study something that interests you, trust in your own self love and be happy then that is what you will find reaching back to touch you not a lurking monster but kindness, love and appreciation. Come on people get your heads in the game and stop wasting your precious time fearing yourselves to death and hiding behind outdated ideas.
—Guest bonabo

though forms

Look, I have and have used the board for years. not all the time mind you, but on the rare moment of interest or need. I have had both good and bad experiences and have used it with enough people to understand that people's expectations and intent are huge when using it. if you are filled with fear and trepidation, guess what? your in for a nasty surprise, you'll get exactly what your looking for. if you are having fun it will be fun if you are looking for answers you get answers probably not real clear answers but answers just the same. If you think in fear then you live in fear and all of your experiences will support your fear based reality just as if you choose to live in fun you experience fun and so on and so on. the world is what you decide it will be and I am so sorry to tell you that it is that simple.
—Guest bonabo

Ouija boards

I believe they can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. I have had a good experience and a bad experience after using one. Tip: always make sure you point the planchet to 'goodbye' before putting it away.
—Guest Mary J.

They came out of mirrors

Years ago when I was much younger and naive I played with one of these things by myself in my bedroom. My bedroom has a lot of mirrors. I started having "waking dreams" where naked people were coming out of the mirrors and were preforming strange rituals. They told mre they were going to turn me into an animal. When I took the ouiji board out of my bedroom the dreams stopped. A couple of years ago I had a nervous breakdown. I awoke one night and these children who looked like me were in the mirror. Voices told me they were clones of me to be put on other planets. They spoke through me mocking me and said they (I) were stupid. After that the ouiji board went in the garbage, I went on antipsychotic drugs and I rubbed holy water on my mirrors. I haven't seen them since. I think there is a fine line between parapsycology and mental illness.
—Guest Lucy

ouija board

I am very cautious about using this board. I have put crosses on all four corners of the board, and prayed to God to protect us players from evil. I don't know what else to do to be able to use the board. There is definitely a force that I don't understand how it works.

Quija Board

A friend of mine used to come over my place and bring her Quija board. She insisted that we play it because she said it only worked with me. One time the Quija board told me when I was going to get married and where I was going to be living. Since I was very skeptical on this prediction, I forgot all about it. My friend later reminded me after I had married and moved to the location that the Quija board predicted. Very scary since the prediction was dead on. I have never used or would never use the Quija Board again.

use it or lose it

i just started using the ouija board. unfortunatlly i never got to speak with anyone i personally knew. i couldnt talk to animals and my aunt who passed away when i was 6 was 'unavailable'. it works but you have to be extremly careful when you use it. its highly addictive and very dangerous. its not all evil, but it can be at times. you have to know what you're doing and DON'T BE STUPID.
—Guest taurus

Curiosity killed the cat

Why does a person has the need to know something like spirits? Is it not enough to know that life is enjoyable without the needs of supernatural events? Nothing can give one the answer to a question beyond human knowledge. The only thing it will bring will be one's doom since death is mostly known as the end of questions...
—Guest Tomorrow Tamer

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