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Readers Respond: What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

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Are you going to have a paranormal Valentine's Day? Or will you be going the more traditional, romantic route? Tell us what you'll be doing with your partner.

Worked for us

We went to the Crescent Hotel last year for our anniversary and took their ghost tour. We had a great time and it was really romantic, too. Even had a haunted room, and if that doesn't provoke some cuddling I don't know what will.
—Guest Patricia

Terrific Humor

I don't see well, but had my son read your article to me, as usual, and laughed myself silly. Good job. I don't have a Valentine, but once you've had the love of your life leave this world, that kind of love carries you through, you know? Or, maybe I SHOULD go on a ghost hunt. You never know, I may end up finding my love AT the ghost hunt and spend time with him anyway! Happy Valentine's Day, Stephen. Kat :)

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